Let's help a good cause here!

Jim Fenton has posted elsewhere about the upcomming Bryan Wescott Memorial Race the 24th of September @ Auberndale Speedway, 5640 K-Ville Avenue, Winterhaven Florida. Those of us who knew the wescott’s are personally involved but there is more to this issue than that.

Our sport is suffering from lack of support from the fan who is overwhelmed by choices for his very limited entertainment funds and the other reason for my passion for this race is that you will never feel the total experience of racing until you feel the earth shake under your feet when someone tries to control more horses than the average guy will ever own unless he or she gets off the couch and grabs the belts tight and sayes I can do this!

Racers need some love to pay the bills and so this post is to ask you to join Jim and the rest of us to toss some cash into the pot to pay these guys for giving us a great night of racing let alone honoring our late friend and fine young man. Take a few minutes and take whatever does not strain you and send it to Jim so he can make this race pay as well as we can for our nights entertainment and rememberance of a good racer and fine family man gone the last lap way to soon and there but for the grace of God go any one of us.
(PM Jim for his address as I don’t have permission to post it here, Thanks)

Thanks for letting me rant about our sport in general and this memorial in particular. I hope to see a lot of you there and share a good race and a good time. I know it will mean something to Bryan’s family and it will also mean something to the rest of us, just what depends on you! remember that every racer puts their pants on the same as you and I, one leg at a time and a race becomes something special one dollar at a time!

The attached payout sheet has some 0.00s under difference and I am trying to see the current budget reimbursed to one member of the family and those zeros in the difference column to disappear. We need some help to do this and I know the help is out there so lets anti up a little in rememberance of one of the good guys that was raised that way around us and all our bad habits!

Bryan Wescott Memorial 100 Payout.pdf (179 KB)