Benny Corbin

I hear that Benny Corbin, the builder of New Smyrna and Volusia speedways, has passed away. What an impact that man has had on our sport! He’ll have an interesting obit, that is for sure.

Benny’s family is still very involved in Florida short tracking. My condolences on their loss, and my appreciation for all they have done for us.

sorry to hear

Benny was great guy, and had a ton of knowlege on how to build tracks and make great dirt track surfaces. He was fun to talk to and he was generous. I got ot work with him when I was promoting at Volusia in 93,94. He will be missed.

Sorry to hear that :frowning: .A great man indeed he was and will be missed.Our thoughts and prayers go out to his son Kent and the rest of his family.

I’ll miss my friend sorry Kent

So sad, but not unexpected… I knew Benny for a long time and he could really prep a track well despite having to predict the FL weather each week to do it… He’s in a better place now with no pain… My condolences to my good friend Kent Corbin and the whole family…