Thank you Jack Smith!!!!

As I read about the news on Jack, we can only hope that he rallies around and makes a full recovery! With that being said why don’t we use this thread to let Jack know how we feel about him, memorable moments and just fun stuff …I am sure that someone will read this to him and it may just spark his enthusiasm again!! :slight_smile:


Thank you soooooooo much for all that you did and DO for my career! Jack has always been a GREAT supporter and for that I will always be greatful!

Get well soon and hope to see you soon at one of the great Florida tracks!!!

Jack, I don’t know you personally, but I want to wish you best and thank you for what you have done for Florida stock car racing.

[B][I]Rusty I am in the same boat as you Rusty my friend, I owe my whole racing career to Jack. There were several times I was ready to just walk away when Jack would kick me in the Butt and say “Just go for it”.

We believed in each other and what we were doing and now I am praying for him because there is so much more we had planned to do…[/I][/B]

Jack and I have been friends and worked together almost since the beginning of KARNAC when Robin was there and Matt and a few others. He let me go from writer to editor and he and I have been thru alot together not only in racing but our personal lives. Jack knows that I love him as my friend and always have and my prayers, love, and thoughts are with him now. I hope the pump works and helps ease the pain.

When I started my own website, Jack was my biggest supporter and told me that I could do it and I did. Now I have over 1500 hits a day on the news and stories. Jack just told me like Rick “go do it” and I did. So thank you Jack for making me spread my wings and fly.

Get better soon and know that there are many people who love and care about you and your family. God bless you all and God bless the doctor today as he puts that pump in.


Jack, thank you for all you have done for Florida shorttrack racing. Your work has helped many people get recognized for their accomplishments. Without this website the state would be at a loss for a quality website that not only covers current racing but the history of our sport here in Florida. Everyone that has an interest in racing in our state and many outside the state knows your name and is aware of the most powerful media and Internet website we all know as KARNAC.

Thank you for giving us a place to discuss, learn, and share our racing experiences with others that enjoy racing.

Although I have never met you, I have a very high respect for you and your accomplishments. This website will be around for my great great grand children to enjoy. I will do my very best to do whatever is best in keeping it the “Best Damn Racing Website in Florida”.

Again, thank you sir, I hope you are pain free and feeling better soon.

Its been a long road!

I met Jack the first night he came to Desoto speedway with the owner of Keels and Wheels. I can’t remember his name, but I met him in the breeze way after that nights racing and we have been friends ever since. I have listened to and attended many of his radio shows over the years. If you can say anything about jack its that he loves our sport and he has dedicated his life to racing. I remember many times, when Jack, Rick, and I traveled with the UDLMCS, haveing long talks with Jack and those talks gave me great insight as to what drove him to serve the racing community for so long. I will forever be grateful for the time I have spent with him. But it ain’t over till the fat ladiy sings and she ain’t even in sight yet. We can beat this thing Jack. God bless you and your Girls budy. I love ya man! Bob…

From arguing guys on the board to brothers in Christ.

Jack I think I have told you most of this but, we started out arguing on your message board, we had our moments, then you and I began to have a budding relationship that in the last couple years has grown into us becoming brothers in Christ, as you accepted Jesus along with Kathy on that great day. I know you are a fighter, so keep fighting knowing I and many others are praying for you and your family at this time. We do not know what the future holds, but we both know who holds the future ! God Bless you my friend, Jack, Kathy I am here if you need me, please do not hesitate to call me, please.

Thanks to Jack, we not only have KARNAC, but my Florida Racing History site too that keeps the memories of racing in this State alive… He put this site together at no cost to me, and for that I am very grateful… Jack is a fantastic person… get well my friend, we are praying for you!

jack is one of the few that stood his ground for what he though was right and i have all the respect in the world for him for that reason. We did not agree all the time but we did talk and both of us changed threw the years. i met him 12 years ago and rember it like it was yesterday.
I hope and pray for his recovery. I am going to try to see him soon and would like to thank all the people that have helped his famley in these hard times. Sure wish i could do more for a great fiend.



Thank you for letting me enjoy and participate in this monster you created.

KARNAC, for the frustrated racers in all of us, is very much like racing itself.
We all get the same rush of emotions that come with the heartbreak, anger, frustration of intense competition along with the thrill of short-lived victory.

And we get it all free of charge…thanks to you, Jack.

Revel in the knowledge that you made a difference in something as huge as the short track racing environment. Not just in Florida but to a large portion of the country. What an amazing feat!

I hope your pain will be somewhat assuaged by the knowledge of your place in history, Jack. The lives you’ve touched and the people you’ve helped. The stories you’ve written and the racing careers you’ve bolstered. They number in the thousands.

This…will be your earthly legacy, Jack.
And you will be remembered well.

May God bless you with His grace and grant to you your truest prayers.

See you after the races,
Matt Thornton


i just read your post and no matter what i think or anyone else think, your words are so comforting, sincere, and so real. i thank you for being part of the process of letting Jack know how much he is appreciated and how much we care about him. You cant imagine how much this means to jack. i read to him when i can and he loves the posts. you dont always speak in the kindest ways but you do speak the truth and some may hate that but in my own warped way, i appreciate the truth. thank you so much for your kind words to jack. i will make sure he gets them personally. Thank you.
for all i have ever said or done that hurt you so much, i am truly sorry Matt… i dont see any need for rehashing it and im not even sure what happened but i hate myself when i hurt someone. as far as im concerned its a dead issue but i wanted to TRY and make it right on my end. Please forgive me. i will continue to keep everyone posted.

Room 210~

Jack has been moved to room 210. i think thats the ICU … Please check at the visitors desk…

Moved again…

Jack is in Tidewell Hospice in Sarasota. its off Clark Rd. on the west side of 75. I will post the address in the morning. im so tired now i cant think of much…lol nite. when i left Jack was snoring, his wife was with me coming back to Port Charlotte and the girls HOPEFULLY were quietly sleeping! :wink: Good night all.
p.s. anyone can visit at anytime! its lovely…

Message From Jacks Family!!!

Jacks wife and daughters want me to tell you how much they appreciate your well wishes, donations, etc. They said you have brought them more relief and comfort then they can ever repay. They will personally thank everyone when they have a minutes time. Trust me when i tell you they are constantly on the go trying to make Jacks last days as comfortable as possible.
we just dont want you to think you are forgotten. couldnt be further from the truth!
So from Jack , his wife, and daughters. God bless all of you and thank you so deeply!

After reading more posts of Jack’s condition i wanted to add that the last time i saw Jack in person was at speedweek at Eastbay running wide open snapping photos and taking notes for his report. I spoke to him briefly that night with a few other racers that were there to enjoy speedweek from the stands.

I know very few people who carry out what they love with such passion and Mr Smith is part of that very short list.

That is how i picture Mr Smith in my mind as i type right now…and how i will forever see him.

Bless Jack Smith and his family.




Thanks for everything you’ve done for Florida racing. The amount of info in the many sections of this website is amazing.

My thoughts are with you and your family. It’s good to read that you are able to enjoy time with them and also with Rick Anges and many more of your racing friends.

Opp fan aka Sprintcar Bruce

Jack, I would like to thank you for all you have done for racing in the State of Florida. KARNAC has enriched my life, and the lives of many others, who are unable to get to the races on a regular basis. Without you racing would no longer be in my life. Thank you so much. You and your family are in our prayers daily. God Bless you. billy