For Jack...

A special young lady, the daughter of Robbie Storer, Brooke designed this for Jack. Does anyone know of someone who can make decals of this?



Give me a call Rick I know of someone who can make them. I will put you in touch with them. Brook thats an awesome design. Phone 813-267-3710


you people never cease to amaze me… that is awesome!

hey Tony

Has anyone told you lately …that your the MAN… Im grateful to call you a friend.

hey OWM53…

Tony Carreno is one of the most awesome loving decent generous people i have met, not only in racing, but in life. Yes, be honored to have him for a friend. we all are! :wink: glad you feel that way. He always come out of the woodwork to give his all to someone in need even if he doesnt know them. Tony… i love you so much. thank you for letting me in your life. you and Cheryl… i too am so honored…


please call me i have the stickers, i need a shipping address.



You the man!

Thank You Tony!

[B][I]Just talked to Tony and he let me know that he has the decals and is sending them to me. Hopefuly I will have them for this weekends TBARA race at DeSoto.
Tony is a special person and has done so much for Jack and his family I cannot thank him enough. We are very lucky to have someone like him in our community.

Rick [/I][/B]


please make sure i get one and jacks wife and girls… i will happily pay for them. thanks… im going up after i finish all my work errands.