Pro-Truck Triple Crown press release !

“Save the Trucks” Pro-Truck Triple Crown is announced

Orlando FL 8-10-11 - “It is with pleasure I announce today a joint effort to bring together a Triple Crown for the Florida Pro-Trucks” states event organizer Rick Bristol.

  " We have drawn together the cooperation of the following three tracks. Auburndale Speedway, owner Rex Guy, Orlando Speedworld, manager Barbara Pierce and owner Robert Hart and Desoto Speedway and owner John Sarppraicone. I want to thank them for working with me to try to bring this together and to begin to look at a United Pro-Truck Series in 2012. For now we have this put in place, and we want to try to announce a tentative series format by the last race in the triple crown". 

The Triple Crown will begin Saturday Night October 1st at Auburndale Speedway. We then will move to Orlando Speedworld on Friday Night October 14th, and then the finale will be Saturday Night November 12th at the Desoto Speedway. All three events will be 50 Lap races, and have the same minimum base payoff with no entry fee. The purse is on the flyer along with other info. You can have a flyer e-mailed to you, simply e-mail for your copy or call Rick Bristol at 407-497-0448.

Payoff is 1. 600 2. 450 3. 350 4. 300 5. 250 6. 200 7. 175 8. 150 9. 125 10. 100 11. 90 12. 85 13. 80 14-24. 60
No Entry Fee. Please know I will be working to add to this base purse agreed to by each track.

There will be a three race point system similar to Nascar, there will be 24 starters per race, first place gets 24 pts, last will get 1. There are 2 bonus points each for leading a lap, leading most laps and leading halfway. The top three qualifiers get 3,2 and 1 pt. The Triple Crown Champion will receive $500 and a Champions Shirt. Once I cover sponsors for that, anything else that comes in will be put on the next couple positions in the series.

Top 20 trucks in qualifying are locked in, final 4 positions decided by last chance race or races depending on truck count. Laps determined by truck count as well. Fast qualifier will draw for inversion of either 3, 5 or 7 for the start.

" I will be working to get bonus money to add to purse, laps sponsors and awards, if you know of folks that want to help and like the trucks have them call me and we will get them involved. Lap money will be added through out the payoff, not to leader or winner only.

Must run Hoosier Tires for these events, they can be tires from any of the three tracks, but we ask you to buy your new tires from the track that is having the race please. We understand you may have problems at an event and have good tires, that is fine but support each tracks tire guy for your new tires.

Rules will be FASCAR/DESOTO Type Rules - one clarification for these three races is any 1.6 rockers, valve springs or head work will be 50 Lb. penalty. This will split between a couple variances of the rule at these tracks. Other minimum weights will be as per rule book. If another question comes up we will clarify as we can discuss and find the best compromise. The goal is to begin to work these to a United set of rules for 2012. Please bare with us on these three events as we do our best to make them work best for everyone.

"All Pro-Truck drivers, I really need you to come and support these events. I have went on a bit of a limb from many calls from you the drivers wanting somebody to try to help get the trucks back together, back to a fair, level, competitive and fun series. I now need you to show this is really what you want by showing up in force. If you have a truck down, and just can not race come and show your support and pledge to be a part next season.

At the first race at Auburndale we will be having a early afternoon open discussion meeting to talk about the trucks, gather some ideas etc. We will announce a race day schedule soon and there may be a Friday night practice and cookout before, we will let you know.

If you have any questions or for more information please call Rick Bristol at 407-497-0448.

sounds like a step in the right direction!:ernaehrung004:

All involved need to be recognized for a job well done in keeping the truck series prominent. Racing involves dedication and team work. Geez, does this announcement prove that!!! Rick, Rex, Barbara, Robert, and John should be commended for all their efforts.

Now! all Pro Truck teams, owners, drivers and Fans need to support the people that support us!!!.


Per Butch Pierce - FASCAR Competition Director

The Orlando Speedworld “Triple Crown” race will be a non-Points race for the 2011 FASCAR Points Season since there are variances in the Rules and Procedures for this event.

Again, the Orlando Speedworld race will not count for/against the drivers currently running for Points.

It sucks the the title “Triple Crown” has been reduced to another word for “mini-series”.

A “true” Triple Crown takes place on 3 consecutive days, at 3 different tracks.

I know you guys didn’t start this, but it’s depressing to me that a term that once brought about a lot of excitement, is now used sooooooo cheaply.

It used to be a BLAST following a true Triple Crown. Watch races on Friday, drive to the next track… shoot the bull with the teams that traveled there also, race again… repeat.

The driver that pulled off a Triple Crown Championship earned it with talent, dedication, and versatility.

3 races in 6 weeks isn’t a “Triple Crown”…

Well the Triple Crown of horse racing isn’t done over a three day period, but it sure would be interesting if it was!

Rookie Trucks

Has there been any decision on if they are going to do something for the Rookie Trucks at these events? Would be nice to get them together as well.

With that payout Id say call it anything you want?