ok I just deleted a hour of typing because it cant be fixed. for the trucks to come back. zz4 602 sealed period. All gm stock parts period. if you can’t get it at auotzone for a 85 Monte Carlor ss then its wrong. Try that! I know upper a arms, center links, some stuff needs help. Point being I saw superlate model fenders, full blown brakes systems, rear bumbers covers cut in half. you name it it was done. I walked buy a truck and it sounded like a harely. i thought it was at a very low idel, so looked at the tach. 1300 and knew right then we need to go home, what a shame. cant fix that this year, maybe next!

One of the best things the trucks could do it go back to a factory stock zz4 motor. Right now most of the ‘‘crate’’ motors people seem to have in trucks have been worked on so heavily it’s stupid. The front end suspension is fine. The only change I could maybe see making is bringing the shock rule down a bit more. The division seemed like a great low cost division until just like many other divisions the racers kept pushing for more and more and out priced themselves. Maybe this new series will reel them back in The division flourished just a few years back ; it would be awesome to see someone bring this class back to earth where we have 20 trucks again.

The old days.

[SIZE=“4”]Way back in 2004 the count was 56 Pro FASTRUCKs went to Lakeland USA 43 taken the GREEN. 48 showed up at Charlotte next and 42 at Alburndale (started 38 in the race). Oh yeah the FAST Kids also began that year (over 20 Kids during the year). We averaged over 30 plus truck even going to Albany, Cordele, Ga. Lake City and the track in Miami (the BIG “H”). The FAST Hour Racing Show on Sun Shine Network. Heck we even had “How to Build a FASTRUCK” in Circle Track Magazine (six articles on the series). We had 23 or 24 races that year. Yeap back in “The old days”. [/SIZE]:ernaehrung004:

I agree back around 2004 the trucks were great. The big thing to me is the cost it just keeps going up and up. I know if it wasnt for that then I would probably be out there in a rookie truck.

I remember those days Bobby. If I heard the FASTRUCKS were coming to New Smyrna nothing could keep me away. GREAT show, good # of trucks, I mean it was an EVENT to see them.Even after the FASTRUCK days it was ok for a while. The big money teams came in, pushing their kids to bigger and better things for a yr or so, putting so much money in them the average guy couldn’t compete.I remember one time a big money owner complained we had cut 1/2 inch off the rear cover, actually to make it like another money teams. This money team was running 1 + 2 every week, we at that time were 5-6, the track should of told him to legal up some of their stuff but sure enough we had to buy a new cover. I’m sure that 1/2 inch slowed us down a LOT!! And the average guy was running the same thing he ran in FASTRUCKS and was very competitive there. Another thing, and I DO NOT mean this as bashing anyone but the engine rule, I believe now no 305, no Fords, No Dodges only zz4’s. I wonder how many 305, Fords and Dodges are sitting behind houses and in garages? Sometimes I think some of the tracks thing money grows on trees for some of these average guys. Its not like the average Joe can just up and go buy a new ZZ4. Today the trucks do well to draw 6 trucks to NSS, breaks my heart.

This year we can run open and crate ford, Chevy and doges motors. From what I heard next season they were looking into not allowing the open ford and dodges next year. It would be pretty dumb for anyone to outlaw the 305’s since mostly anyone who doesn’t run a ZZ4 runs the 305. And why would cutting a bumper cover down 1/2 inch matter? I can see those who cut the bottom of the cover off and move their whole bumper up , but not like 1/2 in length will make ANY difference at all.


No it made no differance at all, don’t really know why we cut it in the first place, except a couple others were. We even rivited a piece back on it and they still made us change it. Oh well, that was the rules. Sure hope they reconsider the engine rules. The shock rule was a joke too back then, don’t know what it is now.

We had all six types of engines.

The FASTRUCK Series had all six types of engines. We had a very strong set of RULES and lived by them. One year we tore down 13 of the crate motors at found four had been beyond the rules. The 302 Ford, 305 Chevy, and the 318 Dodge, along with the Crate engines 350 Chevy, 351 Ford, and the 360 Dodge all had their rules that made a level playing field. Always keeping a ever so open eye in the tech area (trans, rear ends, water injected brake system, electric adjustable suspension from inside the cab, weight changes inside as well are just a few areas we had to look out for). The only way to get it back would to have a rear wheel dyno. Have the trucks go threw a pre tech and after the race check the top 10 for their index (a weight to power scale) that the truck would had to meet if they feel within the top 10. It would be a fast and equal way of keeping the truck within a realm of a level playing field. As far a the body rules. Some of the Team became creative when hanging their bodies and the advantage where at the larger tracks (3/8 and larger). You must have rules or they get creative and then the level playing field is gone. Just my two cents. :auto003::auto003::auto003::aktion033: