Racers Software - Free Trial - and Websites

Racer Sotware for Dirt, Asphalt and Road Racers is availeable. It will be beta priced for about 30 days.

Do you car, setup, notes, and use the help section which has a comprehensive fix for about any condition you may have at the track concerning handling.

This software was written by a 45 year veteran mostly on Florida Tracks.

Download here: http://www.aldaweb.com/racer

We also do websites and other applications. See the website here: http://www.aldaweb.com

Thank You!
Dave Mason

Thanks to those people who have done the free download(18 plus to date).

We have the first page of the website up and more to follow. The Website has been finally cleared for name and address. It is: www.racerssetup.com

Just a few Pictures

Newer Version

www.racerssetup.com and Download!

install it and get an automatic 30 day free trial. You can also update your older version with this install.

Happy setup computing!


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Reduced for Karnack

I have now sold enough to cover almost all costs of development. New Price for Anyone who mentions this ad:
[SIZE=4]$60.00 [/SIZE][SIZE=2]cash[/SIZE]
after you are sure you want it and have used it for a couple weeks.