Another problem

Guess what? Has nothing to do with tunafish!!! Although wife DID catch two Bonita this A.M., related to tunafish, anyhow. What does everyone think about the show and go homers in NASCAR? I mean I guess I cant blame them, one car lasts all yr, tires about 5-6- weeks, just qualify, run a lap or two, run her into the hauler, put the AC on and pick up the check for how much? I know its not bad. Guess I just answered my own question. I would just think after being a truck champion and run a number of cup races it would be boring and maybe a little downgrading to just “show and go home”.

Anyone noticed the spectators, or lack of, at Michigan?

Yes, the stands were pretty bare.

Everyone is at home playing nascar on their xbox.

The show and go home cars can make 60-200k just to take the green flag.

I know a guy (won’t name him on here) that leases an engine all year and everything else is budget hand me downs or outdated from teams.

He gets paid alot of money to sit in his motorhome.

Sad part is only about 45-50 even show up. and 10 or more are park cars. You wouldn’t even see a full field rundown without park cars.

I will be at Bristol this weekend and let you know how the crowd was, and the new (progressive) “YUK” surface.

A little bit of info…Yesterday’s ‘start and parks’ made about $71,000 each in winnings for making the race.

Good way to make a living. In all reality, no one could expect NASCAR to keep going the way it was 4-5 yrs ago. They rode the wave to the top, made a fortune. All those seats are more than Realistic anyhow. but the good thing, they’re paid for. Theres still some pretty awesome crowds. Look at baseball, the natiomal passtime, lots of mt seats there too, except weekends or real big games. Tracks still fighting for races, i doubt NASCAR is going anyplace soon.

Now let me do some calculating

The race budget dried up back in 2006. Can’t afford to go racing since then. Cars just sitting in the backyard. But… If I could save up enough money to drag an old CUP car to a race and make a few laps (provided I could qualify) I could make a living , $71,000, just running one race a year.
That would rule , heh heh heh.:aetsch013:

There are about 10 winners in most race fields and the rest are learning or just having fun. The 2 lap cars will be there at any race. The way to get a big starting field is to rase the starting pay and atract the 2 lap cars. We see it at home a lot. I rember getting called out on the board buy 118 for saying give me 20 good cars thats all i want…Well do you get it now…Fans?..more sope will do it!!!


Look at Joe Nemechek… Runs 18 laps and makes over $71,000… all with a skeleton crew of mostly relatives… One set of tires… one tank of fuel… The biggest expense is just making sure you are qualified for the race, but even that isn’t hard when only 2-3 teams are sent packing… In the Truck Series all you have to do right now is show up and you make the race…
Would really like to see NASCAR look to its history for its future… Drop a race at boring tracks like Pocono and Michigan and add about 10-12 races at various tracks… really put these guys to work like back in the 60s… It looks like Rockingham may be back by 2013… Very racey track over the years and a race of say, 300 laps would be great… Add two more road courses (one in the chase) like Road America or Road Atlanta… the two road course races this year were actually pretty good… THEN… bring in a series of short track venues in “made for TV” events, maybe even on Monday or Tuesday nights… The NFL made a killing off Monday Night Football… so how about Monday Night NASCAR?.. maybe a 6-8 race series, all on short tracks of 1/2 mile or a bit less… The tracks these races would be held at would be packed and the TV revenue would probably be pretty good… Now, just what tracks should they use? Let’s open that up for discussion…

I think NSS would be a good place for the Craftsman Truck race… I think it would be the shot in the arm Bob Hart needs. Just enough room for the 35 or so trucks and enough grandstand room to hold the normal crowd you see at the truck race… JMHO

[QUOTE=ocalasp76;84200]I think NSS would be a good place for the Craftsman Truck race… I think it would be the shot in the arm Bob Hart needs. Just enough room for the 35 or so trucks and enough grandstand room to hold the normal crowd you see at the truck race… JMHO

When they started the truck series nascar wes giung to keep it at weekly short tracks. I was at the first one and they packed the place out 17,000 .
that purse was about 62,000.
It didnt take long for them to become the bug track filler for nascar and the purse the last time i saw it was over 1/2 mill.
NSS will hold apx 7,000 people.
Lets see $150 tickets wouldint break even after exp.
Now jim dont take this wrong,
We tried a ARCA race at lakeland and the pursr was over $100,000. the track sold tickets for $30 and 3200 showed. opps
We have to fix our own house.


Dave, I love the idea of Monday Nite Nascar. That would be pretty cool!

TV networks and NASCAR want it on prime time sat night for the sponsors.
If they would go anyware else then shorttracks would have a chance…

If you have a good product it would work any day in any reasonable time slot.That being said NASCAR doesnt have a good product.

killing it.

truck series did not have full field. cup drivers taking the money home with them. no big sponsor, stay home. 33 out of 36