Race for wood

Went to a big road race years ago. I first though that it was cool. Every one was so nice and having fun and getting along. there was 45 cars in the race. great field. these cares were real nice and clean. Then i looked closer…
$500 entry for each car
there were 20 classes running together
every one was in the top 3 finishers
They won a wooden trophy
the officals weer all part of the crews
I asked one of them how can you do this and he said well we never wreck and we buy 8 tires per year. If we want a place to race this its what we get.

Is this going to be the way of stockcar racing for us. there are more and more tracks not makeing it. this will be the only way to go like road racing and drag racing if we dont stop it. Yes we must stop this.
[SIZE=“5”]Please suport your local track or loose it[/SIZE].


Well put.

Also Don the racers travel to tracks all over the region. To places 500 miles away in normal. Yes, support them or loose them. They all need you (the racers) to help save the tracks that are left.

Hey Don,

that’s why they call it wine and cheese racing. $$$$$$$$$$$$

We in the Villages are trying to support

our local short tracks. Our Villages Motor Racing Fan Club carried a bus load of 25 fairly new fans to Orlando Speedworld Friday night, and what a disaster.
(1)First, there was no announer until after all the supers had taken their time trials, our new fans did not know who the drivers were, what their times were, where they were from, who their sponsors were, nothing!!!. The announcer finally got on the air around race time 8PM.
(2)Second. There is no score board to let a fan know what lap the cars are on, what car is leading, nothing, we were told the board hasnt been working for years, what a disgrace for a track that is in such a big market.
(3)Third. The stands are old and wooden and very scary to walk on, has no hand rails, all of our group are retirees and had a major problem negotiating the stairs. Very surprised the track insurer is still letting the track operate.
(4)The highlight of our night was when our fan favorite young Amanda Ferguson came to the stands and signed autographs and posed for pictures. She is hopefully the future of stock car racing in Florida.
(5)Our Club is doing what we can to support local racing but we need support from the tracks and the teams.

Try New Smyrna if you need handrails and aluminum seating. It is a very nice facility. Was that your large group in yellow shirts ? Did you enjoy the late model race ? You have alot of valid complaints so how about sharing some of the things you enjoyed.

You will find alot of the same complaints at other racetracks. I’ve been to all of them in Florida and the wooden boards are a problem. The scoreboard needs replacing but the track revenue can not support it this time. Sad but true.

A new scoreboard could be aquired with a sponsor.

Yellow shirts

Yes that was our group in the yellow shirts. We go to all the short tracks in central Fla. Asphalt and Dirt. We are familiar with NSS, it is one of the premier short tracks in the Southeast and we are blessed to have it. I guess I try to gauge the others by it which is not fair. Come on Robert, spend the money to upgrade Speedworld.
We really enjoyed the street stocks, they put on a good show. and enjoyed the Supers even though would like to have seen more, maybe Russell in there. We are big supporters of the Anderson family and love to see them race.
Let us know what we can do to help support local racing, we have some resources we can pull from, we want it to survive. villageracefan

Villageracefan pointed out something very important here… silence from the PA system.

As a fan that travels to over a dozen different tracks each year, there are certain things I notice about how a show is run. The first thing I notice, is “a whole bunch of silence” going on. Too many tracks act as though the announcing job is strictly to announce the current/upcoming race. It’s NOT that way. There should be something to listen to, from the minute the gates open, until the fans are filing their way out of the track. Driver info, past weeks results, drum up the good guy/bad guy rivalry at your track, upcoming events, regional racing results, a little Nascar news… SOMETHING. Absolute silence (or maybe just as bad… recorded music), is just a mood killer.

In Marks case (announcer at OSW), I know he has more duties than just the announcing gig, but there still should be something or somebody, to take care of that part of the job… far too much silence.

Announcing is also about being an educator, as well as a speaker. If, as a fan, you have no clue who is in what car, what division you are watching, who to look for coming through the field… you are just watching cars drive in circles. I’m already hooked on this sport, but if I wasn’t, all the silence sure wouldn’t persuade me into becoming one…

This isn’t just an OSW or Fascar problem… I see it at many places. The racing experience should include electricity in the air. Silence, or a mix-CD recording is just toxic to the adrenaline system.

ENTERTAIN these people…

i race a nss when i have the money to and its a blast. its a nice track one of the nicest track wise and for dirt vsp is by far my favorite yet i havent been to bubba raceway yet

the village people have been great suporters of SLM racing in the aera.
Hope that they keep comeing to the tracks not in there aera.
they rent a bus as a club and go to other tracks. They are from the ocala aera and have two tracks in there back yard and still travel. tracks give them a good ticket deal. i did. miss you all