Dirt race tracks for sale or lease?.

Does anyone know where any dirt tracks are for sale or lease in central to south Georgia or Alabama??.I know Golden Isles was for sale and found out it sold last week.If anyone knows of any others let me know.Thanks

Dixieland dirt track in Cottonwood Ala. has been rumored to be available on multiple occasions. The last time I tried the web site it was down so that may be an indicator. You might want to visit the web site Panhandle Racing to see if they have any info or conracts. The trak is located about 20 miles SE of Dothan.

Thank you,we have been to that track once it had a drag strip on the property aswell,it’s a nice facilty.I will pass the info along to the people looking to purchase a track and have them give Bob a call at panhandle racing.

It is not dirt, but it could be. And it is not in the states you mentioned. But have I got a honey of a track for you!!!

Monroe Motor Speedway
information is at maascompanies.com

Auction is October 11


I was thinking of Putnam County Speedway, as things are kind-of shaky right now, as it seems, but what do I know? nothing new about this raceway, but it’s really rough, ownership-wise. check into this raceway facility.

Putnam does have something in the works,however if the new group continues down the path they’re taking,it will be the same old same old.

What is it about Putnam that keeps attracting bad owners/promoters? They have a good opportunity to have a great facility, yet it keeps falling on it’s face every time. Seems to me that cancer has infiltrated the place, and they keep cutting off the wrong limbs to cure it. Wish i had some serious backing to give it a whirl up there…!

I’ve got a friend in Palatka, and he told me years ago that the City and County didn’t want the track there. Plus there was that woman (now deceased) that gave them fits almost on a weekly basis, and that protected land to the east. It seems to me that it was almost doomed from the start. It’ll take someone with major dollars and lots of time to get it going in the right direction. It’s a nice track and I wish someone could get it going. billy