WOW...Desoto Super Speedway 09.03.11

Wow…This will be a great show at Desoto this Saturday night 09.03.11 … so far 24 BB are on the slab list and today is only Wednesday, so please if you know you’re racing in the BEST Memorial Bomber Shootout, please call for your slab 941-748-3171.
See you Saturday!

Also on the race schedule for this weekend:
DS Trucks and Rookie Trucks
Flyin 4s and Magic 4s
Q AIA Pure Stocks
Trophy Dash Cars
and The Wild & Crazy School Bus Figure 8s!!

Pit Gate: 2pm - Pit Entry: $30
Main Gate: 5pm - Adults: $15 and Kids 12 & Under FREE
Racing: 7pm

Desoto Super Speedway
9 miles east of I-75 (exit 220) on SR64 in Bradenton
See you at the races

Hey Ravern

Did you get my PM?

What are BB’s ?


wish it was a little closer, you can bet I’d be there. Maybe I need to move closer, wife could transfer to wal-mart. Naw, I’m too old to start another PC company, i guess. Maybe Integrity 2??

there atleast 12 PGS cars(and i dont know all of them)!!! im even dusting a bomber off to go have some fun and support the Best Family!!!

Good luck sir! Wish I could be there. I don’t know about the BEST FMILY, there’s a couple in the world I havent met but I guarantee they’re in the top 5 at least!!

I talked to John yesterday and we worked it out so I can tape Saturdays program. It will be good to see a lot of old friends as well as the PG guys there. I also want to honor Jim Best he was a good friend. I hope to see you there. Bob…

Well Bob let me be the first to say I want one!!!:ernaehrung004:

Looking forward to seeing you both!!!

Too late Gary I alrqeady got 1 order. LOL! Yeah Rick I am looking forward to it. Like old home week.


Bob Ill take #3 video off your hands…
Stop by and see me …
Im glad youll be there to tape it…
Big Daddy

You got it Jim. It will be good to see all you guys agin.

Me Four

I’ll take numero quatro…

it ok bob ill make sure im 1st on saturday HAHAHA we were talking last nite havnt drove a bomber car in 3 years this is going to be a blast!!! running against this bunch alot a talent in this field i hope 30 cars show up the more the better for everyone invovled!!!have an awesome friday

10-4 ken, man I am so looking forward to seeing all you guys.