Rick can i post what he sent me in a pm… i dont think you would like that but he has used nasty language and name calling and every insult that he could so your action is to take my clean non threting to the point post because he didnt like it?? I didnt like a lot of things that people said but i took the sorce and went on… The only 2 people that i stoped were Tod and South because they got personal with my famely… well call me so i know ware we stand. If you want im out of here.


And MR south said
[B]Don you have a phobia about changing rules. I got this picture in my head of you dad beating your ass yelling “WE ARE NOT GOING TO CHANGE THE RULE JUST FOR YOU”. whack whack whack whack. And you crying “no rule change please daddy, stop beating please”. Whack whack whack


and all of my post about this are gone but the one that he south bashed with.
Your not being fair there are 15 of his post and a lot of them have a lot of trash. I sent you one of them. would you like me to post it for all to see.
The 1 post about hiim (mouth of the south) i put on the corner and that is ware it should still be. was not trashy and i though it was funny. In the past it mattered who said it not what they said and we are going back there agin.
I take it for 10 years and now that i answer them here comes the mean green.
Rick i gave you my ph # 3 weeks ago and am still listening.Now we will have to do this here.
Mr mouth i would be happy to tell your wife im verry sorry and dont want anyone to bring there famley in to this stuff.
Dont make me the lyer. You are the one that needs to man up ! I just did.

ok rick your turn

And another day goes bye !


For those of you that think this guy is cool.
message from MR SOUTH

[B]Blah blah blah. You do have a father don’t you asshole. Yah anyone can act like a child and call names. Does it make you like the big man that you once THOUGHT you were in that distorted little mine of yours. You sit their and threaten the life my wife and kids and than you say if it made you mad you would say your are sorry. Fuck you you Peter puffing asshole. Tell me this is your father as big of an asshole as you are or is it your grandfather who is the biggest asshole. I’m pretty sure your family tree grew out of somebody’s asshole. You a washed up old has been. You *ucked up things everywhere you have been.You leave a path of distraction in your wake and now you are still trying *uck things in florida. You should just do what you said. Buy a ticket and shut up you dick head you are never going to learn. There is more people in this state that hate your *ucking guts than any group of people i know. as for your pussy ass statement if I am mad. Not as mad as you are right now you Peter puffing dick headed *ucking asshole. Your father did a pretty shitty job as a father. Your father needs to beat your ass again. You still haven’t learned when to shut up. You treat people the way you want to be treated. You like it. Asshole

Yours truly


Now i have posted his.

Sure wish i didnt have to do this .


I’m the first to admit NONE of this is my business and I SHOULD stay out of it. First of all, you ARE my friend wether anyone likes it or not. One time you even P----d me off at the track, but you had some bad info and made a judgement. No problem, no hard feelings here. I understand. You probably didn’t even know you did it. My point is in the position you were in, just by saying “glad you’re here” to one person would p–s someone else off. He didn’t say hi to my friends friends friend!! Thats racing, plain & simple. I’ll give you the same friendly advice that people give me, that I can’t do either!! Try to let it go, I mean nothing negative to South, I don’t know him. But I do know a lot of others, I won’t name them, Ricks request. But they are not worth the trouble, at least in my mind, and sorry my mind is more important to me than anyone elses. Try to let it go Don, at least you have B–ls to say who you are. Sending you pic of your new shirt!! LOL Just be straightup, its ez!

Yep im done if they leave ti ware it is.
Tuna having you for a friend hasent been boaring ill tell you that and i like the back and forth when its for fun.
So TUNA its EZ to call names when you do not use your real name. I think you got that and have been STRIGHT UP with everyone.
I still have a BONE too pick with you…How come you keeping having popcorn over and i dint get any.
How about Lunch on Thes and ill try to find a few friends to atend. still got 1 or 2 no mater what they say. same place. anyone is invited. RSVP here.


Don this guy is a POS…he knows it and I don’t know the kid, but his dad seems to believe when it comes to fathers and sons the apple doesnt fall too far from the tree…I hope he doesnt ruin something for his kid with his own personal ego (as always seems to happen)…hes got the mouth of an alligator and the balls of a national enquirer journalist… I’m sure Rick is dealing with alot right now and he’ll tend to this.

IT dont matter either way to me.
You know my coustmers are north of here. I do know who my friends are .
The rest are what they are.
Now are you going to come to lunch. samee place

Buy the way i wonder if his son can drive? I never have heard or seen him.
Well we will keep watching.
Have seen a lot of talent threw the years go bad.
Im still proud to say i knew
Jason Boyd
Mike MC JR.
Jerry Rodgers
BJ mcloud
Tony Stwart
Jeff Gorden
All these driivers were young tallent and 1 not better than the other. The way the sponsors saw them made the differance.
its not fair to single out this list but the ones that i rember at this old age
as dick would member of the 2 10tenths club!!


proud to Mr Nerone!!

But I can’t tell when you want lunch, Tues or Thurs?? I have your shirt. If it Tues my wife will be there and you BETTER behave yourself!! Either day is fine just tell me the time. Thanks, Don Oh, and Tim will be nice won’t he???

I’m also sure Rick will square things up!!


Yeah Don, some think their bad, using 2-3 names, being a friend then an enemy. No biggie though, you know Theres one name for all of them! LOL

STRIKE 2, I asked you nicely to leave me alone and not mention my name to start more crap. Its not a good idea to keep starting stuff with people you don’t know. Call me a coward for being anonymous, it’s easy to harrass someone when you know there name, address, telephone number, business license, and the names of their registered agents on past Florida corporation documents. When you don’t know someone, all you can do is write crap on the Internet. Please leave me alone. This is in no way a threat. It’s just something to think about for future Internet confrontations. Don, everybody knows everything about you. Life will become alot more stressful if people start harassing you, your family, your business, and your friends. There are some mean people out there and I’m surprized you have not had problems already.

I’m done with you, leave me alone. Please.

It IS a threat! I have said nothing to you. With all the bashing you and others have done to me you have nothing to talk about. I know who you are and where you live, as do many others. So whats so big about knowing where I am???You harrased my brother Sat night at the races, I have manned up with name, address and phone # so dont act like its some major detective work on our part. Lots of people have done that.Many people know what you have done also, and where you live, big deal. Its not that hard to find out. The name “tuna” is on here and the otherside all day long so cool it!!! You have run your mouth about me plenty on the other side under one of your other aliases. At least I have said nothing mean about you as you have me. As far as wanting anything to do with each other, you already made a fool of me once, you wont again. My business license, I’ve carried a license 22 yrs without 1 thing against me. One more threat and a copy of your threat will be sent to the state and i KNOW you dont want ANY more problems with the Florida Dept. Of Corrections. Problems withmother people? Most are not as sick as you evidently are. So just cool it! You have threatened crap like this to me several times, all of which I have printed, placed in an envelope, addresed to the dept.
Of corrections to be mailed with two of your aliases, do you think they can’t figure out who you are, espwcially with a little help? Cool it!!!
So tell me, just where did I mention your name???

Strike 2 1/2, I’m not that guy, I said it was not a threat ( from me ) but you have created alot of enemies on here. I am trying to ignor you but you keep adding “ez” in your post to start crap. Please let it go. Where this goes is totally up to you. I have not insulted you since you sent all my PM’s to Rick. He asked me to ignor you but you keep adding your “ez” comments.

Please stop, I will stop, and this will be over.


I will try not to refer to EZ, at least on here. Its usually in fun, just like “Trash” “straightup” and “FISHVILLE”, your saying. As far as strike 1, 2, etc thats threats, they are all printed and in an envelope for future use if needed. But you have asked me nice, and as it is now, I don’t want anything to do with you either, its over, at least on here.