Any Sportman Drivers Interested???

Would like to have a Florida Sportsman Challenge Series at 4 different tracks.
Rules would be same a the old Southern Sportsman Series. Only change would go back to 10" Slick
Another idea: No limited or Late Model Drivers; No Ringers

I might be interested. Are we trying this for next season?

Sportsman Series

Yea hopefully. This is first posting. Shoot me a email.
and i’ll give you my cell number

Sportsman Series

Also rules would follow Florida Sportsman Alliance Rules.

I may be interested

can you post the actual rules…and proposed tracks

very interested!!! would like more info!!!

Crate cars

Crate motor cars would be screwed running on a 10" slick.

Sportsman Series

Will be talking to tracks later this week. Tracks i would like to use: OSW, NSS,
LAKE CITY and Auburndale. The rule would be Southern Sportman Allaice Rules.
You can see the on Aubundales Website

What about Citrus? They have a pretty good sportsman car count.

no ringers

how about the young kids that run late models. say the age limit 17 and under if they have driven a late model? those kids could learn and get the seat time they really need? Just a thought.

Sportsman Series

Sorry did not think of Citrus. Will look into it

Just an honest opinion here.

Why does every division think they deserve a Touring Series?

A couple years ago there was a tour for everything including Street Stocks and it is stupid (to say the least).

Leave the local, lower divisions alone and let them be what they should be, a stepping stone to moving up through the ranks until you can get in a Late Model / Super Late Model. And if people say they can’t move up because of money then all I have to say is if you are that good and good enough to be “On Tour” then sponsorship shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Touring series will kill local tracks and lower divisions during a sour economy. The ones that have the money to tour should move up and let the entry level teams grow through the divisions without being out-spent by the life-long Sportsman racer who walks away with and stinks up shows.

Why not build up the lower divisions on a weekly basis and if you think you are good enough and have enough money or sponsorship backing get yourself a Late Model and then join the tour. The teams that show up with 2 trucks in a $200k toter home with tens of thousands of dollars spent on their Truck in a feeder division is about the worst thing to happen to local racing.

The Pro-Trucks will soon be dead on a weekly basis once again when the new “Tour” starts and the Sportsman will soon follow.

Look at a model that is proven and works! Yes, I will say it, up north there used to be a Modified Tour (Featherlite at the time) and the ACT tour and all the local tracks had good car counts in all the feeder divisions. You couldn’t find a weekly Modified race, only SK’s, and if you were good enough to make the jump then you joined the Modified Tour and it actually had some prestige about it, not to mention, the best of the best drivers, car owners, teams and sponsors.

If you insist on having a Touring Series then do it like the Late Models have done (with success) this year and get with the Tracks to start a “United Promoters Tour” for whatever division you are working with. It works. Same tires, same rules, same fuel, same purse and so on and no tracks trying to schedule on top of each other and all working to promote the series as a whole.

awww really…darn


I agree with communicating with all the tracks and scheduling wisely. killing sportsman is a bit harsh and doubtful. I personally have wanted to race other tracks with sportsman but all the dam rules are different maybe with a series we could actually race different tracks with the same rules

If that is the only motive than why not put together a meeting with all the tracks about unifying the rules?

So far the closest thing I’ve seen is a bunch of armchair quarterbacks griping on Message Boards. Has anyone ever tried to arrange a meeting with all the track owners? Making a few phone calls here and there to tech people is not the answer either. I’m talking about a meeting with every track owner in attendance and maybe a few other Sportsman drivers that share your opinion.

And I will stand by statement that Yes it will kill the division on a local, weekly schedule. It is a feeder division, leave it alone. If you want to race other tracks then adjust your car or move up into a late model.

First of all buckwheat

i do speak with some of the track owners and promoters. as far as a feeder division thats your opinion. As far as moving up to a late model yea maybe someday. I race a open w m full time and play with a sportsmen. I race at a track that has a very strong car count every time we race and sportsman is one of the bigger shows. We dont race every weekend the track alternates between LM and mods they also wrk with another track so they dont schedule on top of one another…hmm Go Figure…no armchair racer here…live and breathe it. I think my sportsman on slicks would be cool …hell if they did it for mods I would take part in that too…Oh treaded tires and crates were meant to save us money…Does anyone think they have ???

Punta Gorda has a good car count also

Again, I am not talking about speaking with a few owners and promoters here and there, please re-read my post.

Have a meeting with all the owners in attendance at once about unifying the rules.

And yes, Sportsman are a feeder division period. Not an opinion, I don’t know too many drivers that strive to become a Sportsman driver in their career/hobby.

So if one or two tracks have a good count in Sportsman and the others are struggling, then what makes you think there are enough cars to start a Touring Series?


think citrus…p.g…nss…and…osw would be a cool four track series. But like buckwheat stated there would have to be very clear communication


define feeder…