NSS top 5

26 Cope
36 Russell
84 Anderson
55 Allen
30 Dutilly
33 Webster
20 Sergi
127 Booth
47 Gibbs
07 Schofield
79 Black Jr
59 Perkins
15 Blair
57 Pierce
6 Bennett
68 Shaw

All others DNF

DNF’s included:
41 Johnson
7 Ferguson
12 Freed
5 Boyd
2 Curelli

Great race by Cope, he ran away with the show.

Is that a crate, super, or spec engine ? Not that it matters, he was hooked up and the car handled like it was on rails.

Two in a rows is tuff!

By my count they had 21 Late Models for the second day of a two day show. That’s tuff. Great job to all the Teams and congrat’s to the #26 Cope Group. Remember there’s no I in Team. How was the crowd? Both night’s sound like GREAT SHOWS!!!

Sounds like a good straightup night. Guess i should of gone, oh well, next time.

Way to go Travis Cope.
This kid has had a lot to overcome the last few years and am glad to here hes back. His dad has been threw a lot ot try to keep his boy racing and im glad for there win.
as for how fast he was he would tell you how slow everyone else was .


nss fups finish

1 was cope
2 was russell
3rd was todd allen not anderson he finished 4th.

Good catch. I forgot to edit that before I hit the send button.

I was just gonna do the top 5, but got carried away.

By the way, Todd Allen deserves a shout out. He drove a very good race, and got around Anderson late in the race. No easy feat for anyone to get past Wayne. He has the potential to win some big races. Also, Brandon Johnson looked fast for quite a while, until he parked if somewhere around halfway. Another guy that could be very strong.

I have a gut feeling we are gonna get a high quality field for the Governors Cup this year.

todd allen ran real strong friday night as well

I had a good time in the MOD race. Started last, finished third after car in front of me missed a shift and I didn’t. Ran my nose up to his fuel cell and knocked my toe out. Fought the steering the whole 25 laps. Had a blast though.
Good to see Jerry and Roger after the race…

Hey Ocala, did some wierd fan beep at you around I-4 and 44 last night?? It was great to see you run, but not to see you get messed up on the start. I also saw a few other Karnac regulars last night. Jerry, thanks for saying hey and then there was this guy… Didn’t know he was a crew chief now, handing out directions and all…


Thanks for the ‘BEEP’. Woke my wife up…lol

Yes I see Dooo-Wayne is the crew chief of the two 21 cars. Maybe thats why they get lapped in every race…
BWAAAAAHAHAHA… Just kidding of course…No hate mail please. :engel016:
-Ge Um-

Oops, sorry about waking up the wife. Didn’t think of that when I did it. :smilie_bett: