I get the message

Don I read everything you posted I did not delete it I have saved somewhere right now and can bring it back. I am really getting to the point of just shutting this board down for awhile and just leaving the classifieds up. If I did what has been requested of me to ban people that other people dont like there would be no one left to post anyway. All this he said she said he picks on me they talk shit about me I hate they called me bad names is playground bullshit. Just freeking get along, stop posting crap about each other and all this will stop.

I surley didnt ask you to ban anyone from the board . I do think that you mean well and are trying to please everyone. That is what its like to have a track. after 32 years i could not take anymore of it.
Rick as i say all the time …The truth will set you free.

You are in charge of it now so do what is right and go on .
Yes you have been a friend for years and that wont change.

Don 62

Just in my mind

NO one has been bashed, called names etc on here more than me. Many have PM me and asked what my problem is. You asked me to ignore them, when I did they left. Now they AND the administrator go on the “other side” and run their mouths about me, great, I go over and Laugh my butt off’. One in particular basically turned on me because I posted how well my wife and I was treated at Desoto, TOUGH!! Simply because I don’t care for a particular person. You asked ALL of us to clean up our language, I was the ONLY member on here that apologized. You asked me not to reply when they bad mouth me, I tried, I improved. They left, no more fun badmouthing me without me answering them. I disagreed with Voice, I was called an a–. Just because someone disagrees with you or a friend is no reason to call them an a–. I have never asked you to ban anyone. I KNOW 5-6 of THEM asked you to ban me. I’ve been threatened by people that know where I live, still I ask no one to be banned. To a person, I have stood up for you and been accused of being a brown noser. I do not care what anyone thinks of me, I have several friends here.Gonna meet one from here at Desoto, he said maybe we should change our meeting place for fear the L-----s might be there. I said no, I’m not scared of any or all of them. Another in St Cloud, go camping with another and our wives. Going to lunch Thurs with several friends, one or two we used to argue a little but are friends now. So yes, I prefer friends, but if I have trouble with someones friend, its childish to hate me for that reason and yes I WILL come back at them when they bad mouth me, if they don’t we can be friends. sorry for any trouble you see as me causing and if you decide to ban me, Its business,no problem, I’ll still consider you my friend. Don Woodsome, Edgewater, FL. 386/690-2189

I applaud this forum. You will never get all to get along. I am on several boards much larger than this one and in most cases, a curse word will get you off them. This board must be complemented for having this section for sounding off and allowing full and open, anything goes rhetoric.

I know Don Nerone very well from years ago and consider him a fair and honest person as well as friend. He has my respect! I may or may not know a lot of the rest of the people on here. We hope to visit Desoto Speedway pretty soon(probably 2012) and we are sure it will be a good experience.

Over my years in racing, I have made many friends and a few non-friends. One thing I have learned is to walk away from a confrontation and pay no attention to people who are frustrated to the point that they begin to curse. I do not curse(much) as it tends to be the first/biggest sign of losing.

May I add, when you visit a new track and it is not so good, give it another chance. If still not good, go elsewhere. If you run out of tracks to go to, maybe it is you and not the tracks.

Dave Mason


A very good post and well worded. We ALL need more of that type of an outlook. You are right sir, Rick weighs all the evidence and is one of the nicest people I have met in Fl racing. He will step on you, (has me) if you need it and pat you on the back if thats necessary also. He has my respect and support 100%. We will be at Desoto this weekend for the TBARA, if I find management HALF as good to wife and I we will be very pleased. Thanks for the post!!

We will be in CSS for SLM on Saturday(97) and helping a friend at OSW the following Friday with his program. I think he has a couple of SLM’s running, but whatever it is we will help.

Don used to be the promoter at OSW. Hmmm… back in the 80’s?

[QUOTE=davem;85891]We will be in CSS for SLM on Saturday(97) and helping a friend at OSW the following Friday with his program. I think he has a couple of SLM’s running, but whatever it is we will help.

Don used to be the promoter at OSW. Hmmm… back in the 80’s?[/QUOTE]

Don is also a friend of mine. I didnt realize it was that long ago but you’re probably right. I havent been to OSW for a couple yrs, used to go all the time. A fun track.