Pro-Trucks, Rookie Trucks - Triple Crown is Nearing ! Please let us know you are in !

If you have not called me to let me know you plan to run all or one or two of the events, please call me 407-497-0448 or e-mail me at

Around 15 Pro-Trucks and 8 Rookies have called me so far. Please let me know. Thanks !!!


Let get the PRO TRUCKS to the races it is very important to be at these three races for the surportof the PRO TRUCKS AND THE TRACKS PUTTING ON THESE RACES.

813 313 8741

It is your court.

If you have a Truck it’s time to get back in the game. Your value in your trucks is only as good as there are numbers of them on the Track… This Program is a start to getting the Truck back on top. The fan base is BIG when there are numbers. With over a 150 Truck around the value should be through the roof. The Modifies and Late Models are starting to get 20 plus again. Remember in these trouble times the Fans want to see numbers on the track. Please give these guys a chance in help getting value of your Truck back. Rick and Gary start is there a list of people who say they are coming. May they can call each other a bring others out of the garages. Good luck!
Bobby Diehl