Mini Cup Gearing

does anybody know a good starting gear ratio for a Mini Cup at Citrus County

When we ran there and was very successful with a lot of wins, we ran a 16 tooth clutch gear and a 72 tooth rear sprocket gear. The motor turned around 6400 rpm. This motor was a Victor Peters motor. It was a flat top motor w/o roller rockers and big valve springs. It handled it just fine. The only thing you have to do is keep checking the rod for cracks. Those honda/ ARC rods were famous for cracking after about 5/6 races. Any other questions I can help you with don’t hesitate to ask. Tony Scott

thanks for the help Tony we just got the cars so if I need any help I will let you know

Deuces Wild

Which cars did you buy? The gearing will revolve around what motor you have in them. A stock motor (junior motor) you can’t turn the rpm that a flat top motor can. There are several different motor combos available. I know who had what so I can help you with the gear selection from that.

Im not sure whats done to them but I do know they was built engines not stock. The cars came from massachusetts

If they are built motors then you will be fine with that gear ratio. You could start out with a 16/70 gear and see what rpm you are at. Then just go from there. Each rear gear tooth will get you around 150rpm

thanks Tony