In times like these!

I have to admit I’m glad I’m only a lowley fan. If I want to go I go if I don’t I stay home or go where I think the best show will be. It must be hard to run a track during these times, especially for the ones that are making payments on them as opposed to the ones that are left to them. I don’t buy the argument it costs $5000 just to turn the lights on!! If it cost 1/3 that they would run the generator. a couple hundred dollars should run that for 4-5 hrs. But still, it does seem no matter what they do the car counts go down. Then on the other side I feel for the average car owners, how can the average guy afford to race?? In reality they cant. We all have ideas, mine is I think more could be done to promote the tracks. Its partly the fans job, the drivers job but mostly the track owners job. Most of the fans and drivers have full time jobs. It honestly is a tough situation.

I spent some time at Colgan’s Auto Sales in Orlando Friday… Paul used to race at OSW & NSS but pretty much quit a few years ago… As big as a race nut he is, he hasn’t been to a race all year to watch or help someone… While I was there a guy came in just to shoot the bull who I recognized from OSW as a fan a few years back… Doesn’t go any more because the “show isn’t worth it.” He now drag races slot cars… pretty neat stuff… I myself just can’t get motivated to even go watch a race… The car counts at Citrus, Bubba and NFS are pretty decent but I just can’t afford the gas to go there and back… That’s what I hear from a lot of folks… Maybe if the economy ever gets better, and it’s not looking good, racing will come alive again but the promoters are going to have to get off their butts and find a way to attract new and younger fans to the sport.

History is repeating itself here. The biggest problem is there are simply to many classes running each and every week. The tracks need to get back together and decide which classes (4 of them) they want to run each and every week. The other classes become traveling series. The traveling series classes run once a month at the various tracks. Fans have their favorite classes and will not come out to watch the other classes unless they are grouped in with their favorites. I see to many tracks having shows with no marquis classes running that night and nobody showing to support them. This forces tracks to cut purses and the direct affect is no car count because drivers will not show without a descent purse. It becomes a viscous circle. Drivers will not show unless they can justify travel expenses. Tracks can not pay better purses without good car count. The traveling series classes would then pay entry fees of a dollar per lap raced. Tracks would also have less of a nut to crack and the drivers would receive better purses. Sponsors (more small ones) would be easier to obtain with this venue. Sponsors are hard to get anyway but with no fans in the stands they do not want to throw money at something that is giving them no to very little exposure. It is a tough thing for these tracks and drivers to try and balance out. Keeping all drivers and fans happy is next impossible. Therefore I think they just need to go back to the limited number of classes they run each and every week, or just run twice a month instead of every weekend. Other tracks around the country have done this and is proven to have better success. It might just help out till we get thru these tough economic times. A lower budget racer that is in a travel series is going to like this better because it will give them the opportunity to budget their money much easier. They are not pressured in spending money they don’t have to show up to point race. For what it is worth just a suggestion throwing it out there. I think all ideas are worth looking at and seeing what can help these tracks, drivers and fans out in this great sport we all love, Short track racing!


You make some good points…Ancrave I will gladly pay your gas bill to citrus so that you can see for yourself that there is still life in racing. The Eddie brann memorial would be a good night. P.M. me if interested

Would love to announce that race by gosh! Alway have enjoyed Citrus, just wish it weren’t so darn far from Orlando… Also really miss my old friend Larry MacMillan…

My feelings too Dave. I’m closer to Daytona!

Ill buy your gas TUNA next sat . If you need a loan??

your friend

How much does it cost to run a track??
Lights depends on the track $500 to $1800. Per night
Ins $4,000 to $9,000 a month
Think about if you were making payments on the land!! $20,000 a month.
you need $ to cover this
Just how mant $10 tickets do you think you have to sell a week!!

Going to be a lot of flea markets soon.

Don 62

Hey don, you never bought ME gas… but some of your food did give me gas LOL…

Well Don, if thats all that goes into the equasion, and you and I both know it isn’t than I DON’T feel bad for track owners they have a very serious problem!!

[QUOTE=Don Nerone;86444]Ill buy your gas TUNA next sat . If you need a loan??

your friend
I heard good racing in SO.Carolina, and I KNOW N.E. but I ain’t going!!

Dave, Citrus isn’t that far (81 miles from my house in east Orlando, VCC). Almost 4 lane hiway all the way. I use less gas than I do going to Auburndale.

Yeah, but you’re rich and can afford it!!


Those numbers are not fact. I have personal dealings with sports complex’s and race tracks before and those numbers are not even close. You need to have all the facts before you make statements as such. The problem is not one sided and needs to be addressed on everyone’s part including the fan,or it will never get better. In these economic times just as in any small business the track needs to cover their basic nut ( no extra plush features) the drivers/owners need to show support ( with support shown to them by the purses) and the fan can’t expect everything for free. With ticket prices down the lowest in years, they need to show support and buy that extra hotdog,beer soda, ect, ect. That is what makes things work. When it becomes one dimensional it fails fast. So to hit on one individual it is not fair to anyone involved. Just my opinion!!!

Yeah Deauce

And by golly if me drinking one more beer helps, but me down for two!!! OR, I’ll buy a beer for everyone that will wear one of my t-shirts!! LOL


Was awesome…Have you ever heard Tony M. he’s pretty dam good


You laugh but believe it or not that is where it starts. If everyone does their part it will turn around. It can’t be just two sides of the triangle. It has to be all three!

I’ve known Tony quite awhile and he does a great job… The only bad thing about announcing at Citrus is the tower faces West… right into the sunset…

FREE? Which track have you been at and got anything for free? I didn’t think so, none of us has gotten anything for free. Well free gas fumes and smoke from the cars somethimes.:ernaehrung004:

Deuces also mentioned ticket prices being “lower than they have been in years”… Not sure what you are referring to. Every track has gone up in the last few years, other than Punta Gorda, which was far too high to begin with.

Too many places want more for admission than the quality you get for it. $10 per adult for a NORMAL show is about right. Not a watered down, support class only show. $15 is acceptable for a traveling series with extended laps. Anything in the $20 range is a tough sell. It better be something pretty special for people to feel they got $20 worth of excitement.

A 6 car 50 lap “featured” division does NOT make it worth $15. More laps doesn’t mean more value to the paying fan, nor is it worth extra admission costs to the racers in the other divisions. Many times it actually hurts the car count In other classes. Why would a Street Stock guy want to pay $30 to get in, instead of $20, just because the Mini Stocks are running for a larger purse? He isn’t getting more value, he’s getting LESS.

Gotta keep things in line at both the front and back gates.