100 Lap Bryan Wescott Memorial

Auburndale Speedway, FL (Saturday, September 24, 2011) ? Please plan to join us as Auburndale Speedway, family and friends of Bryan K. Wescott, Sr. celebrate his life by hosting the Bryan Wescott Sr. Memorial 100 for Super Late Models. This will be a two day event. Friday practice will be from 5-10 PM, with hamburgers and hotdog being served along with cold beer to those of drinking age. Cost for Friday Night’s practice is $15.00. Anybody can come out and watch the practice but only the Late Models will practice. All other classes can practice on Thursday Night from 5- 8 PM for $10 each.
So come on out and enjoy the biggest race in the South. For additional information check web site at www.auburndaleracing.com

Also as an added note only vechicles that are towing a race car will be allowed to park in the pits this week. Please use the front parking lot. Pit passes are available at the front ticket windows for those in personal vechicles. Thank You

Just want to say, “THANK YOU” to Auburndale and Jim Fenton for putting this event together.

Bryan drove our car a number of years, won a few features for us, at Inverness and St. Pete. Bryan and Jackie were always very hospitable whenever we’d tow over there all the way from Vero Beach. In the summer of 1986, Bryan even offered to let me stay at their place when I had some, uhh, “issues” at a so-called girlfriend’s house in Clearwater…LOL…

Unfortunately, I can’t make it down there, since I’m now in Ohio. Talked to my mbrother Scott this past weekend, and he told me he and my dad Jim are gonna try and make it over there and see what all’s going on.

What drivers are expected to show up? This is a nice paying race and should have some hype surrounding it.

Let us know…

[SIZE=“4”][QUOTE=Jimmy McKinley;86527]Just want to say, “THANK YOU” to Auburndale and Jim Fenton for putting this event together.
Unfortunately, I can’t make it down there, since I’m now in Ohio. Talked to my brother Scott this past weekend, and he told me he and my dad Jim are gonna try and make it over there and see what all’s going on.[/QUOTE]

Jimmy ? I spoke to your dad earlier today. As you mentioned in prior communications he had originally intended to make it over with the #12 car for the race but unfortunately it wasn?t in the cards so he & Scott are still planning to come & watch. I?m looking forward to seeing him again after low so many years from back in the Sunshine & Golden Gate days.

As far as the rest of the roster goes, here?s what I know so far;

I have personally spoken to the following drivers / teams that are planning to compete.

#51 ? Stephen Nasse. Stephen, dad Jeff Nasse and crew are bringing the car down from their new location in North Carolina just for this event. Buggy Pletcher (Crew Chief) is expected to arrive with the hauler sometime Friday. Unfortunately the Nasse family just lost a loved one this past weekend (Stephen?s Grandmother) and the service is on Friday. Needless to say they will be hard-pressed for time to get the car dialed-in given all that?s going on. As some of you may already know, Bryan K. Wescott, Sr., whose memory we are honoring with this race, is Stephen?s Uncle. We appreciate the effort Stephen, Jeff and his team are going through to be a part of this special event.

#64 ? Joe Winchell. I spoke with Scott Baker & Joe to learn that they have put out extra effort to get the #64 SLM of Jim McCoy?s ready for Joe to drive in this event. Thanks guys!

#10 ? Steve Dorer. Racecar Engineering. Thanks Steve for the recommendations & suggestions today & congrats on your last-lap pass by Chase Elliot to win the Redbud 300! Looking forward to seeing you at this race.

Additional drivers / teams that have committed to Auburndale Speedway officials;

#84/#77 ? Wayne Anderson.
#07 ? Jeff Scofield.
#81 ? Anthony Campi.
#5 ? Joe Boyd.
#75 ? Dave Pletcher.
#87 ? Keith Lilley.
#42 ? Jonathan Guy.
#52 ? Dillon Jackson (Stephen Nasse?s old car).
#19 ? Kevin Macy.
#33 ? Daniel Webster.
#5K ? Daniel Keene, Jr.
#22 ? David King.
#88 ? Howard O?Steen.
#7 ? Daryl Shelnut.
#157 ? Jason Rendell.
#23 ? Mike Smith.
#53 (old #407) ? Jason Vail.

I?m also told that Justin Drawdy?s SLM will be there driven by crew chief Dennis Green.

I also spoke to Mike & Travis Cope who?s #26 SLM is still down with engine woes suffered during Travis?s win at NSS this past September 3rd in Race #10 of the FUPLMS series. However they?ve assured me that even though it wasn?t looking good, if they can get it back together in time they will be there with bells on.

Many others have said they are coming through 3rd. party sources however I?m hesitant to list them without having direct contact.

Since this is one of the best paying SLM asphalt events (if not THE BEST) in the state of Florida this year rest assured it is stacking up to be one hell-uva race so you don?t want to miss it!

Thanks again to Auburndale Speedway for all they?ve done with helping us and hosting this special event for the Wescott family including keeping their prices down to regular event rates instead of raising them to special event rates.

This is a good effort towards allowing families to attend without costing an arm and a leg for an evening?s full of excitement & entertainment.


Any idea if anyone’s gonna be videotaping or offer a DVD of this event? Would love to be there, but due to me being out of state…maybe next year :wink:

[SIZE=“6”]OK race fans, who?s it gonna be???


[SIZE=“2”](Mega-Kudos to Bryan Wescott, Jr. for design, graphics & creating this check to be presented to the winner of the event!)[/SIZE]

Would LOVE to see Pletcher put that 75 in the winner’s circle. He was also another one of our drivers over the years. Him, Bryan, Scarborough, Butch Smith, Jimmy Cope, Dunkin…could be Sunshine 1986 all over again! :wink:

Realistically, though, it’ll probably be either Scofiled or Anderson, but don’t count out Winchell, either.

Campi Or Webster

Nice to see young Mr. Campi back in action… I don’t think he’s raced since that FUPS debacle at Auburndale a few months back. Very nice young man and a heckuva driver too!

Wayne,go get that money.

[SIZE=“4”]WOW, I just returned from set-up night at the Speedway for tomorrow night?s race and I gotta say from what I?m seeing this thing?s up for grabs.

A lot of fast iron turned out tonight to get things dialed-in including; Wayne Anderson, Jeff Scofield, Stephen Nasse, Anthony Campi, Steve Dorer, Joe Boyd, Joe Winchell, Dave Pletcher, Keith Lilley & Jonathan Guy to name a few all looked fast.

In the meantime, here?s a shot of the program cover for the event which I commend the speedway for a good job not to speak of offering it at a great price ? FREE!

You don?t want to miss this one if you can help it!!

I’m a comin’…

Got rained out after the long drive to Lake City Speedway last night so I need my racin’ fix this weekend. The boss and I will be there in the stands for this one.
As for the winner, well Wayne is there so he is usually the one to beat. Some other great hot shoes there too. Webster may be the man of the hour though. Whoever it is, it’s gonna’ be a great show.:huepfen024:
-Ge Um-