Microsoft CRM Consulting, Implementation, Customization Services India (ID 18374)

e-Zest have dedicated Microsoft, Sun & Open Source Competency Centers which focus on solutions and services on based Microsoft .NET (2.0/3.0), Sun Java EE (2.0/5.0) & LAMP respectively.e-Zest is technology partner with Microsoft, Sun, IBM, Intel, Palm, and Citrix. e-Zest is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with competencies in custom development solutions with specializations in smart client development & web development, and data management solutions with specialization in business intelligence. e-Zest is also Sun Partner Advantage - Associate Partner.

Location: Pakistan, Punjab, Gojra

Whats this?

Don’t mean to be rude, but what are you trying to sell or ask, or???

Do you need help with your programming problems?? Or is it a car issue??

I have written several CRM applications and sold same(still do). CRM stands for Client Retention Management or Customer Relations Management(see google). Are you now going to infer CRM = Car Racing Management(that would not seem appropriate)? I wrote that one too, back in 1987 and am now updating the 2011 version(you know, windows).

I do Know most of the tech. you are using and it is a pretty slow process to complete. Good Luck in whatever endeavor you are journeying toward.