Keep Rob Underwoods family in your thoughts

Just saw on Facebook that long-time Florida racer Rob Underwood just lost his Mother. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

I only met the woman once, but it was special. Was at VolusiA standing by the fence outside turn 2. As the race started, I could tell the 2 women next to me were obviously pulling for Rob. It was his Mom and his wife. :grinser010: We had a great talk, and I started rooting for him also. Sure as hell, he starts deep in the field, comes to the front, and wins the feature. These were two of the happiest, proudest people, and I walked away thinking Rob was one lucky man to have that kind of support from the two most important women in his life.

I was privileged to even meet her once. I can’t imagine the loss the Underwood family is feeling.

I’ve known Rob for many years and he is one of my favorite people in all of racing… Sorry for your loss my friend… you are in our prayers…

I am so sorry for your loss Rob. Please know that you and all your family are in my prayers.