Florida United Promoters Owners

Subject: Tire Impound Rules
Rules were set by Rex Guy from the very first race. That you could roll your tires to the impound area, and that you did not have to buy tires at the track the day of the race where ever the race was being held. A post from Desoto Speedway Mr. Sarppraicone states that you will by tires at the track and they will impound them. Why the change now with only 2 races left. Can we not be consistent through out the year? Please reply. Im sure i am not the only one wondering i am sure owners and teams i wonder why?

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why impound if they already soaked them at home?

there is a minimum durometer, isn’t there? if so, check them when they come into impound, go out, and after the race… soaked tires will be softer. you would be after a softer tire to gain more grip, right??