Anybody know who this is???

Anybody know who this is???

henry etzler(sp), i remember him.

[SIZE=“3”]It was good to see you again last week Leroy.

I regret not having more time to catch up tho.[/SIZE]

Not henry etzler Here is a tip!!!

Collier County Speedway, 196?ish

That orange car in the back ground appears to be a very late 60’s or early 70’s model.

who ever drives that racer has to have large

nuts and no brains what if you got all 4 wheels up in air and went across the wall or another car but i guess back then it was different right

Everybody knows this guy, when you find out his name.

Been in and around racing in Southwest FL for years!!!
Might take Ancr Dave, Jim Fenton or Marty Little to know this one??

Got me stumped Leroy… I do like the fact that the exhaust header is almost as big as the car! Looks like one of those old Florida City TQ’s…

Wild guess…

Is it Hamke?

Had fun talking to you during the race at Auburndale the other night, LeRoy…yep, that was me.

It really shocked me also

It is a well know ex Super Late Model car owner with many victories to his credit!?!?!!?

Donno, but he has to be NUTS! Why bother with the roll bar.

Eddie Roche says it looks like Leroy Tate who owned a few of Bobby Brack’s cars…

Blue 7, I have so many fond memories of watching you at New Smyrna in the very early 80’s. You were the reason I said one day I have to race there. Thanks!

Kinda looks like Tom Systma!

My thought too. OK Porter, We give up. The suspense is tooo much.

Jimmy Harris

Bill Bigley Sr. ?

imracer is correct

aka The Bonita Bandit!! Jimmy Harris is correct, who is imracer?

Just a wanna to be racer from Naples!!!