Where's Bubba

Why is there never anything from Bubba Raceway Park on this website ? You would think they would be promoting on all websites.

Stories are on the front page from Jimmy Rouse on a regular basis. I think many of the folks that visit BRP have cut back on their posting because of the fishy crap that was going on here. You asked and I’m telling you like it is because no one else will.

Nope, trust me, it wasn’t fishy crap!

Hey Winger, funny you say that. Jason just posted about Bubba Park!

Your right winger. I looked at FFS and the majority of the people that talk about BRP are those that do not post here anymore. I guess Craig being a big BRP supporter has alot to do with their messageboard having alot of BRP stuff too. The buttgnat ran off more good people that I thought. I miss the good ole days.

Yeah and you’re one! All in response to people like you chittin on me! LOL


This entire thread was pre-staged!!

I guess now it’s a conspiracy? Are you paranoid or what?:anim_pound:

You are absolutely correct ! Except it had nothin to do with you. I heard there was tension between BRP and KARNAC. I was wondering if it was true or still existed. I hate to break it to you, but you were not even considered when I wrote the post. No Tuna on this menu. Its a protected species here.

Let Me Make this Clear

Either you heard wrong, or whoever told you that is a complete liar. Since I have never met Bubba or any of his other staff, other than Billy, Joe and Larry, which I consider to be good friends, it’s hard for there to be any tension. Please don’t try and start or continue rumors that have no merit, or are simply not true. Also, any personal feelings I have toward a track owner or individual would not affect how press releases or race results or upcoming events are handled on the site.
I would never use Karnac to try and punish any track or track owner because of my personal feelings. That would only hurt the driver and teams, and I don’t work that way. If I have a problem, I usually pick up the phone and call, or write a letter to them personally, or don’t attend their track, etc., but that has absolutely nothing to do with Karnac.com.

And you my friend were not considered on my post. But here’s a deal for you. I was told not to put EZ on any posts, which I have not done until this one. You were told to leave me alone, which you have NOT done. These shirts seem to bother you, I admit, when they were made EZ was put on them with reluctance. Do you remember the shirts made in support of Boneman? They were real funny remember, $5 hand drawn shirts!! I said he hasn’t said much lately, then the post about knowing where I live, big deal, I’ve posted my address before. When I made the avatar the EZ part wasn’t really readable so I let it go. Yesterday, instead of being a man and telling me it bothered you, you posted it here, thats o’k too.
Honestly every post I have made about you for several weeks have been in reply to derogartory post about me by you. Remember about Kicking my butt? You also have mentioned my wife one to many times. So here’s my proposal to you.
If you make no further mention of me, direct or in your cute little round about way for 1 week, I will remove the avatar OR more likely cover the EZ part. However the next and first time you start your crap with me it will return in a much clearer version. I sincerely hope you chose the first. Oh, its also on facebook as I’m sure you know, that will be changed in a way that will please you but again, any more referances to me, the pic will be on there many more times. It up to you sir. No reply from you tells me you do not agree!!

Scott thanks for your insight. I think the reason BRP is not talked about on this messageboard is because that group of individuals quit supporting KARNAC for the simple reason of they can’t get along with Tuna and his domination of the messageboard. As we all know now, you run KARNAC and Rick runs the messageboard. I’ve heard many stories about conflicts in the past and present. You sound like a person that will make a difference in the future of KARNAC. I wish you the best of luck. I hope the governors cup is covered and promoted. Not promoting it due to a silly website link is not good for racing in Florida. I think we all need to support Florida racing since it is our passion, livelihoods, and hobbies for many.

Tuna I think it is irresponsible of this messageboard to protect you when all along you are irritating people and instigating trouble by having the shirt as your avatar. It’s your sick little way of pissing people off. Rick ask us all a few weeks ago to leave each other alone. Everyone complied but you kept disagreeing with my post which had nothing to do with you and posting you stupid shirts on here and Facebook. Whatever, I think you are mentally deranged. Proof is in the fact Boneman has left you completely alone and you still stalk him.

I hope you read this befoe Rick deletes it. For the life of me, I don’t understand why he protects you and allows you to dish it out but delete post that give you your crap back.

You have run many people off from this messageboard. That’s a fact.

Dude where do you even come off with saying there is a conflict with KARNAC and BRP? You really need to quit trying to stir the pot. We had a nice long stretch of no problems now all of a sudden all the chidish crap starts. One person says something about the count of anothers posts and all the ney sayers have to jump in start the same old crap again. From this point on anyone who jumps anothers post just to get a reaction will go on moderation. THAT GOES FOR EVERYONE!!!