michael waltrip is a joke non driving

like david reutimann said i did not know any thing till tuesday and loud mouth michael did not tell him ------- and mark martin is going over there and set world on fire . if he could not win for hendrick who is he kidding him self some one ought to come along and take his sponsors away from him ever body does it he deserves it shoved to him

what a screw up!

MW made a real mistake. i sure hope David winds up getting the last laugh… a better team shouldnt be hard to find! lol David… i wish you the best of everything. hang in there!

I love JJ Yeley as a person but as a driver he is mostly a few cars from the rear.
How does he keep a ride and someone like David doesnt. i dont get it.

J J is on a low budget team,didn’t win any races with Gibbs equipment. David will find something to drive may not be the best,but something. He could end up at Turner Motorsport. They are trying to grow,granted it may notbe the best situation but he can provide some direction.

A persons character is displayed by their actions. Michael Waltrip owed David the decency of telling him of his decision face to face. David had the opportunity a couple of years ago to go with Richard Childress, but stayed with MWR out of loyalty to Michael for giving him his chance at Sprint Cup. Michael can give all of the excuses he wants, as to why he didn’t tell David himself, but the bottom line is, he showed who, and what he really is, by having Bobby Kennedy be the one who told David of the decision. I’m a big believer in Karma… Good things happen to Good people, something tells me David will be better off in the long run, lets hope so.

I see a seat opening at JGR

Me too!

I just said the same thing in another thread! That would be GREAT!!
And Trash, I also agree with you 100% I mean who is Mark Martin? Don’t kid yourself its about the sponsorship Martin brings. Reutiman will be fine!! oh no, someones lug-nuts on the Nationwide race just fell off! Sorry, laughed my butt off when I heard it on t.v.

I see a seat opening at JGR

Yep! The 20, the one of Pee Wee Logano. Given the choice, David over Logano… any day of the week.

Give David the right ride, he’ll give you the right results.[/I][/B]

well then that’s 2 seats

I kinda like Vickers!! Again, in the wrong equipment

Now thats some funny chit right there!:ernaehrung004:

Why is Mark Martin still racing anyway? He was supposed to retire a few years ago to help his son. Whatever happened to that? Ive met Mark and have spent time around him. To me he is a selfish jerk who only thinks of himmself and really I have never thought he was that good of a driver.
David on the other hand acts today just like he did years ago when he raced EastBay ever Saturday night.
To prove this last year when he had his annual Modified race at EB we was going on the track to race our street stock as my son was walking up the scaffolding in turns 1 & 2 to watch our race David was there setting on the railing watching the races just like anyone else not acting like he was one bit special or needing to put on a show.

The Reutimanns are a class act and true racers. Years ago I was having a problem with a carburator and this older guy came over to help. Never saw him before, just came over. Later I found out his name was Buzzy Reutimann.
We still recognize and say hello at special events. truely a class act.

David is a down to earth kind of guy and good things happen to good people, he will be fine. I’m sure good teams are already quietly figuring out a way to get him on board.

I completely agree with Ocala 76. The Reutimann family are in my eyes the first family of Florida bred racers. Emil started it at the end of WWll with each of his sons as soon as they could hit the track. In the mid 50s they always showed up with immaculate cars and dressed in their signature silk shirts(not the best firesuit). I cannot recall an on track incident of any dirty driving tactics. David is certainly from the same gene pool and would make an excellant replacement for Logano who is clearly out of his league.

:smilie_abcfra: couch gibbs kick kyle out put daivd in …

i find it hard to believe that acholic michael waltrip

would fire david rutermann with out meeting with him face to faceand only two races left no one else could have got as much out of that junk as david did the rutermann family are all a first class family they don’t deserve to be treated the way michael did don’t worry god will take care of michael i wish david all the luck in world they might have done him a favor he can only go up

fact is… MWR sucks! poor david never had a chance! MWR ruined truex and boyer aint far behind! it was piss poor to wait until the last minute to tell david, now he has to scramble to find a ride. way to go MWR screw the guy who passed up a real ride to be loyal to you. can you say boycott??? i wont support anyone or business that has anything to do with MWR. :mad:

David Is A Great Driver, I,m Shure We All Agree On That… Bigger And Better Things Await Him… I Agree If Martin Could Not Do It At Hendrick It Might Finally Be Time To Hang It Up…