VETERAN's DAY !!!!!!

[SIZE=“6”]Please fly a flag in respect for our veterans. The sacrifices they made are the reason we live in a country that gives us freedoms so many other countries will never enjoy. Sometimes we abuse them but that is another freedom. I personally thank every man or woman who has worn a uniform to protect me and my loved ones. You are awesome and I salute you on your special day. 11-11-11 !!!
God bless and keep you safe…

Thanks Carol, you are welcome. This country is worth defending. As soon as we can get our government to realize that, the better off we’ll be. billy-- USAF

Yes, thanks Carol. This nation has FINALLY learned it’s ok to hate the war. Just don’t hate the Warrior.
My grandson Chris left this morning to head back to A’Stan. 6 more months over there. We worry and pray for him every day.

Jim, God Bless your Grandson, we’ll also pray for him and all our troops in harms way. God Bless, billy

Thank you all, each and every one of you, for your service to the God-great US of A.

Both of my grandfathers: WWII vets (I think; not real sure about my dad’s side…)
My dad: US Army - served in Viet Nam
Myself: 10 years, US Navy
My oldest daughter: 4 years, US Navy (just got out)
My son: current US Navy, stationed in Pensacola.

I fly my American flag everyday in honor of the veterans before me and after me. All males in my family have served or are currently serving.

God bless the USA ! God bless our veterans and especially those were injured or paid the ultimate sacrifice so we can have the freedoms given to us.


i will not forget your grandson and will keep him in my prayers … let me know when he gets home. He is the pride of AMERICA… part of the greatest group of people on earth. God bless him and keep him safe.:engel016:

Veterans Day

Bless Our Vets and POW-MIA’S. Let Us never Forget!!!
Bill Chapman Veitnam Vet. 1971-1971.