Brad Keselowski Racing enters 46th Annual Florida Governor's Cup 200...

17 year old driver Landon Cling from Phoenix, Arizona has entered the 46th Annual Florida Governor’s Cup 200 presented by Bright House Networks in the Brad Keselowski Racing #29 Super Late Model… For the latest Pre-Entry list… visit: !

Pretty cool, all of the out-of-state entries this year. I count 9 states, and a Canadian Province… Saskatchewan of all places. In all my years, I have never seen, nor heard of, any racers from there.

Snowmobile racers…

colt james

seen today that colt james is coming for the cup.

Can I ask where you heard/read this? Would like to confirm it and get more info if in fact this is true.

Thanks in advance.

Just checked Colts Facebook page and he said he’s gonna be there

Im not trying to be a nag… Just want to make sure that he specifically refers to the Governor’s Cup and not just coming to Florida (Snowball Practice is that day)… unfortunately I do not have him on my Facebook page…

I am checking with Speed51 to see if that have heard anything definitive… If you know for sure that he is referring to the Governor’s Cup, please let me know…

Thanks both of you for the info… I greatly appreciate it!

Glad to see Stephen Nasse is on the entry list. He qualified on the pole up here at the World Crown 300 and was pretty fast, although he ran into some bad luck.

Nasse is the real deal. That kid runs the wheels off of everything he’s in, nomatter where he goes. My guess… top 3 in qualifying, top 5 in the race. Very possibly a win. He’s due for a “breakthrough” win.

Another prediction: Im seeing, in no particular order, the top 5:

Steven Nasse
David Rogers
Donnie Wilson
Becca Kasten
Tim Russell

Good combination of locals, and bad-asses


The best part about this is that I actually had to go to back to the list to add my feed back! I would add one of Erik Jones, colt or Jimmy Weller… all three are solid. Nasse is stout, but I think he might get excited and get in a wreck or get someone pissed at him enough to take him out.

Wayne Anderson is the guy to beat.

Normally I would agree w you Bobby, but I thought I saw he was in bruns car, not the 84. so. That’s a big unknown.

colt james specified coming to run his first govenors cup on his facebook page.

Do you think Wayne drive something that not a good piece.

Wayne wouldnt drive junk and wayne has the skill, but in this particular race, it is going to take more than good to win. Just unsure of the combination at this point. I did see the hauler headed east on i4 this am, so maybe some testing is on tap.