National Debt to hit 15 trillion dollar today . 9 Billion in interest per day. Fed’s owe S.S. 5 trillion ,so are they paying S.S. interest on this money .only reason S.S. is going broke is because of the Senate and President. this is My Country the have Raped . to the Fed’s One middle FINGER. Arnold Dave O’Steen.


11-16-11 national debt went to 15 trillion dollars as of today it went to 15 trillion ,108 and one half billion 12-12-11 . good luck america


national debt passed 15 trillion dollars 11-16-2011 . today 2 nd. of feb. 2012 interest went to 305.717 billion. we can not get out of this hole.

u.s. debt

Today is Tuesday Sept. 4th 2012 . The U.S. National Debt went to 16 Tillion Dollars this Morning. 1 Tillion Dollars in Intrest in just 10 Months. .now We start paying Intrest on that Trillion. Mr. Pres. does not understand Finance’s . We are SCREWED even more. if He ever runs the Flag up the pole he would put it upside down on purpose.