Anyone remember this guy?

I ran across this article while “reading” at the Kangaroo across from NSS. Always wondered about this guy. Thought he was a “carny”!

I certainly remember Jack Cook! I think it may have been Bob Cassata’s son I used to race with in the early 80’s in SCCA.

Which one, cook or cassata? Remember both very well, wondered if Jack was still involved, I had thought they sold the company. Jack was one of my favorites. Him leroy and david had some fierce battles every Sat night.

Used to pull for the 96 car when we raced at NSS. Cassata must have been a little before my time.

Jack Cook worked for Bob Casatta who owned “Bob’s Space Racers.” They supplied State Fairs and carnivals with amusement equipment and Jack traveled all over repairing those machines… He also drove Bob’s Late Models, mostly at New Smyrna but they also ran OSW and a few other big events when time would allow… Chip Crider also drove for Bob… Cook was #96 and Crider was #97… Chip is the son of NASCAR racer Curtis “Crawfish” Crider.

Bob_s Space Racers teammates Chip Crider and Jack Cook in 1979  Jim Jones Photo.jpg

1979 Cracker 200 Jim Jones Photo.jpg

Bob Casatta owned “Bob’s Space Racers” that provided amusement equipment to State Fairs and carnivals all over the Eastern U.S. Cook worked for Casetta repairing the machines and traveled all over doing it… He raced Casetta’s #96 at NSS and on occasion at OSW and some other places when time allowed. Chip Crider, NASCAR racer Curtis “Crawfish” Crider’s son, also raced for Bob driving the #97

Bob_s Space Racers teammates Chip Crider and Jack Cook in 1979  Jim Jones Photo.jpg

For many years, Jack was a fixture at the Snowball Derby also. He ran pretty damn good there too.

Jack Cook

Was always fun to watch Jack Cook racing with David Rogers, Bruce Lawrence, Wayne Anderson and the Burkett brothers in the mid to late 90’s at New Smyrna. Always awsome races and a few pretty decent fights. There were not many nights I missed at the track.

Along with Leroy Porter, the Burkhalters, Hal Perry, Granny Tatroe, Bruce Everett, Jimmy Cope, Greg Cecil, Stan Eads, Daniel Keene, Ted Hodgdon and Joe Middleton…