List Of Parts Im Lookin For


aluminum water pump
aluminum pullys
hydraulic throwout bearing for stock clutch
mini starter
2 barrel to four barrel adapter
switch panels
15x8 spotsman wheels
7 quart oil pan
gauge panels
krc power steering pump
high output hei coil

got the waterpump a howard stewartr for 25.00 got the mini starter for 50.00 located in deland 1 386 985 1002 both items are at rthe tturkey rod run asile 84 on the end woody

thanks woody Ill give you a call

I have the water pump, pulleys, oil pan, and coil all brand new!!

I have switch panel,coil,steering pump,water pump,pulleys,starter,carb adapter,located in Deleon Springs. 386 804 0157. Shaun

I have a new circle track oil pan, a new aluminum pulley set with belts, used mini starter and a phenolic carb adapter. John 352-288-3016