WTG Punta Gorda Speedway!

This weekend has been so carefully planned to honor Jack Smith, the man who dedicated his life to stock car racing.
Kevin put so much work into making everyone comfortable for the weekend and to bring us so many kinds of race cars, including kids in cardboard boxes! Thank you Jessica for taking such good care of the “kids”… Alot of hard work and dedication!Kevin rented bush hogs to make room for the campers, rented 2 extra port-o- potties and camping was free!.
Even though our grandstands only cost $10 to get in there was an added cost reduction. 3 day passes $25.00. Where else can anyone go camping and see 3 days of good hard racing for $25?
PGS looks so clean and beautiful. I commend everyone who makes that happen.
This weekend wasnt about money. NO ONE made money. Kathy Smith was there to honor her husband and her biggest dream was to start the race! She bravely climbed the flagstand and made that dream come tru.
There is another person I want to thank for so many acts of kindness to Kathy. Phil Ellis! He was so attentive and helped her thru everything. was like a mother hen… Thank you Phil because Kathy was somewhat overwhelmed.
I have never been prouder of our race track as I was last night. They honored Jack the way he would have wanted. Jack was a simple man who did things out of passion more than money. Same with Kevin. 100 people buying a ticket at $10 is only $1,000… just about pays for the lights. :wink:
Thank you to all the people who made this weekend so special. I miss my friend and I am so happy he was honored in HIS way. Jack loved the OWM and they gave him a worthy show! LOVE U OWM DRIVERS and thank you so much for traveling so far to make this special race REALLY special… Even Mr. Excitement Jimmy Cope was out back with Patrick Williams. Nice surprise!
Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome back. The hugs were worth everything! OH… and thank you to Wayne & Laurie Andersons young son Ricky for fishing all night with Bobby. He was in hog heaven. 2 11 Yr. olds doing what they love most.
Thank you Kevin and all the hard working staff at PGS!
Love u all…
Oh… Jim Higginbotham and Virginia. LOVE YOU and thank you for coming so far to honor Jack. Was a highlight of the night for me to see you again!
CAROL WICKS :auto003:

It was nice to have you back Carol and you always notice the “small” things and what really matters.

Had a great time and saw some awesome racin last night. There should be an annual Jack Smith Memorial every year to keep his memory alive.:huepfen024:
Glad to finally meet Jacks’ wife too.

Yes it was an awesome week end. Saturdays Jack Smith Memorial was awesome, and it honored a good friend and a great man. Thaks to the track staff and all the drivers that raced jacks race. It was an awesome race.


Sorry I couldnt make it. Can someone please tell me what happened in the mod race…Please

Here is a link to the web site Doug. Sorry you couldn’t be there:(



Jim, I seen the finishing order but was very curious how the race played out. Seen Big wayne had fast time and Jefferson didnt start. Who had the pole Skaggs? What else happened

Doug, i usually write something up sunday mornings but was back at the track early for sundays race. i will try to get something up today with pictures, it is alot to say since all the races were great this weekend and alot of great stuff.


From what i understand after talking to a staff member, the checkered flag came out at the same time a caution flag came out … i dont remember all the details so i cant be factual. but there were some questions regarding the finish with Randy Anderson. He was involved in a wreck with Wayne Morris in turn one AFTER the checkered came out and Randy got his spot back to where he was when the checkered/yellow came out. Hope i explained this right. To get facts i would call the track. There was alot of anger over the call…I saw Wayne A and Wayne M arguing in the infield but they seemed to work it out and no bloodshed…:wink: Sorry you werent able to come but it was a good show. Of course some bad luck for some but i guess thats racing. Rocketman had car troubles and didnt get to start. Very disappointing… PLEASE dont anyone get mad for my answer. its the best to my knowledge and i answered because no one else did. There are conflicting feelings about the finish. Hope you all come back …from what i understand, there was no entry fee for the OWM and free camping for all. I guess not everything is great for everyone but the track really tries. Please feel free to correct me because Im not sure my answer is totally correct…

Thank You

Linda…I definately understand

Here is the link to the weekend in Pictures