Business is business at Micheal Walrip Racing!


A clip from NASCAR’s site:

Martin Truex Jr. might have just concluded his second season with Michael Waltrip Racing, but when Waltrip released David Reutimann with little more than a month remaining in the schedule, it was obvious MWR was pinning its future hopes on Truex’s 31-year-old shoulders.

Truex showed a glimpse of what was coming, near the end of the summer when he snared a fourth-place at Watkins Glen, followed two races later by a runner-up finish at Bristol.
Truex’s affinity for working with crew chief Chad Johnston was beginning to show.

Waltrip was all smiles, though, on pit road following the Homestead finale after Truex, who came and went in the top five throughout the day and night, finally nailed down a third-place finish.

“It’s a big deal for our team to grab a top-five here, in our last race – it confirms the direction of our organization,” Waltrip said. “We’ve made some serious changes over the last few months and this certainly validates what we’re doing.”

The biggest deal, other than releasing Reutimann, who Truex praised as a great teammate and who had scored the only two Cup race wins MWR has ever managed, was signing vice president of competition Scott Miller from Richard Childress Racing.

His impact, both in equipment and working a couple of races as crew chief on the pit box with Truex, has been sharp.

“We’ve done a better job for Martin and got him better cars to race,” Waltrip said. "He just needs confidence, and if that’s the headline, I don’t give a crap. He needs to be able to believe more in what he’s driving.

“And [Sunday night at Homestead] builds confidence. What we’ve done over the last month or so builds confidence. There’s no one who can drive a car better than Martin, and if we give him the equipment, week in and week out to go do the job in, I feel really good about the Chase and wins and everything we’re doing.”

Waltrip said, as the checkers waved at Homestead, “The first text I got was from the president of NAPA [Truex’s sponsor], just saying, ‘Wow, that was awesome.’ And that’s so important for our team, because we’ve got to deliver for them.”

Waltrip just laughed when he was asked if, when Johnston returns, in alliance with Miller and along with Waltrip’s longtime competition executive Bobby Kennedy, the possibilities for 2012 might be limitless.

“Chad Johnston’s been emailing, texting, sending suggestions and doing all he can,” Waltrip said. "I think this has shown the depth of our organization, since Talladega – we finished top-10 at Talladega, Texas and Martinsville and then stumbled at Phoenix but we’re back with a top-five at Homestead.

“And that was all without having the guys that we picked to be the ‘A’ team on the box,” Waltrip said of the suspensions. "We had to put in some backups, so I’m really proud and very thankful that we’re organized in a way that puts us in a position to overcome the bump in the road that the stupid windshields at Talladega caused us.

“That was ridiculous that we let that happen, but our organization fought through it and I’m thankful.”

With Scott Miller and Clint Boyer from Childress, and Getting Mark Martin the MWR Camp will be one to watch next year!!!

What you think???

There’s only 85 days left!!!
GOoooo NASCAR GOoooo!!![/B]

Like he said. “I don’t give a crap”.

Everybody has one.

[SIZE=“3”]I respect yours. Have a nice day. GOooo NASCAR GOooo!!![/SIZE]

waltrip is a failure and now is gonna drag good people down with him. :aetsch013:

The man won 2 500’s.

He has the strongest sponsorship packages (AARONS RENTS, NAPA, and Toyota) in the Business. He Won 2 Daytona 500’s. A TV announcer, and is one of the strongest multi Teams out there. With the new people he hired the Team should be a POWER HOUSE!!! :sprachlos020:You don’t have to like him, but he has a lot going for him. Time will tell. Just 84 days to get the whole thing started again!!! :huepfen024::huepfen024:YEAH!!! GOoooo NASCAR GOooo!!!

anybody could have won the 500’s in the equiptment he was in. only thing he has going for him is he’s a good actor, well some people think he’s a good actor. with powerhouse sponsors there should be way more wins and top 5s, not just a few good runs at the end. the sponsors wont stay if they continue the path there going.jmo

I not sure on anyone could of won???

[SIZE=“4”]Winning the Daytona 500 took Dale Sr. 20 years. Oh yeah he didn’t have the same equipment as Micheal had. OOPS it was his equipment that Micheal WON with??? THAT NO DRIVING Micheal Waltrip had it given to him… Plus he just won last years Truck Race. Other fluke??? My bent is that all three MWR TEAM’s make the CHASE!!! Who’s your thoughts???[/SIZE]

i say you have hit your head lol… maybe clint, but i wouldnt put all your eggs in one basket, martin was done before he went to hendricks! truex was done we he left DEI… and dale drove for childress, maybe had he been in own stuff it wouldnt have taken just sayn…MWR is not the anti-christ but certainly nothing to brag over neither. i guess we’ll see…:sport009:

[QUOTE=Bobby Diehl;91545][SIZE=“4”] My bent is that all three MWR TEAM’s make the CHASE!!! Who’s your thoughts???[/SIZE]

I’ll take that bet… how much?
I highly doubt the 55 car can make the chase with multiple drivers. Mark and Michael aren’t running it for the entire 36 races, supposedly they will put other driver(s) in for some races. Probably a development type thing… possibly even Travis Pastrana to get him ready. I don’t care how good the equipent might be over there, there’s no way that team makes the chase. Even if it was just Mark and Michael, I don’t see that car making it.

My guess is NONE of MWR makes the chase. billy

The only chase MWR will make is their tail. Get it, chasing their tail. Every squirrel gets a nut once and a while. :slight_smile:

Bobby leave nascrap in nascrap land. Call the radio, pollute thier websites,whatever you want.I really don’t think this is the venue for nascar press releases.

Well said Tom!

Well said. It also says at the top of the page KARNAC’s FLORIDA STOCK CAR RACING. Not NASCAR Racing. Can the Admin please put up a separate section for NASCAR topics?

Why just don’t click on them???

[SIZE=“4”]If you don’t like NASCAR just don’t click on the post. Heck that’s easy. I have been posting on this site for years and years. NASCAR has always been part of my post. Heck from Joe Gibbs to follow are locals Driver that make it to the BIG TIME!!! I love reading most of the post. Some I choose not to look at. I maybe missing something. Over the years I spent many a thousands of dollars as a Series and a Track Operator $400.00 a month supporting this site. I think I have the right to post something concern The Local racer doing good. David , Joey Coulter, Logano, Blake Koch, and many others. Some make not like it because they didn’t make it themselves. But it is the Number Motorsport in the USA. GOooooo NASCAR GOoooo!!! If you don’t like don’t CLICK IT!!! Just 83 days to the end of cabin fever!!![/SIZE]

Heck 855 hits in two days.

[SIZE=“4”]Some people look at it!!! Thanks and have a lovely day!!![/SIZE]:sprachlos020::sprachlos020::sprachlos020:

Practicing a the ROCK.

[SIZE=“4”]Can’t wait to see the Truck Racing at the ROCK!!!James Bushart (not sure on spelling) said they had open practice today and it was FAST!!!. This 2012 Season will be the BEST YET!!! Only 82 days left till DAYTONA’s Speedweeks!!! Oh YEAH!!![/SIZE]