Jimbo Higginbotham.

Jimbo I went over to your RV last night and the lights were low so I figured you and irgina were a sleep all ready. I hung out with the bunch behind you for a while and then went home. It was good to see you man been a long time. I am glad you enjoyed the races.

Hey Bob… yes the light was low because I was watching SNL. It was a repeat, so I fell asleep around midnight. You guys and the party didn’t disturb me any… lol
Good seeing you and Robert again. Great OWM and legend race too.

Yeah the racing was good. I talked to Ken Kinny today and he said he had 33 cars sat night. That ain’t too shabby with the other track scheduleing on top of them. It was good seeing you too. I am glad you enjoyed it. I think Jack was pleased.