For Lease: Sunshine Speedway

?Printed in St. Petersburg Times?

For Lease speedway and drag strip, 4550 Ulmerton Rd, Clearwater, Florida. Current minimum permittable access is two (2) ingress/egress. FDOT reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Lease will be by sealed bid. Pre-bid meeting held on-site 12/8/11 @ 11:00 am. Bid opening @ 3:00 pm, 12/19/11 @ FDOT, 11201 N. McKinley Dr., Tampa. 33612-6456. For info call Lonnie Wittmeyer @ 813-975-6716. 1003645308 11/27/11, 12/4/11

Thought y’all might be interested :slight_smile: FYI: I found the link on FaceBook; someone’s going to make a bid on it.

Get this place opened back up! :slight_smile: Put mufflers on 'em if ya have to, but the Bay area needs a good asphalt track again!

Well …

I would come out of retirement if that all worked out but… again , I ain’t holding my breath. :sport009:

Are they bidding for the speedway to reopen or is it for anything to be built there??? Would be nice :slight_smile: You never know what you had until it is gone…

Is the track itself too far gone? I wouldn’t think so, but haven’t been by there in several years though. I’d love to see it come back, but the record of racetracks being resurrected is pretty low.

Also, signing a “lease”'and not a “sale” would make it very tricky for someone to make the capital improvements without having any ownership rights to the improvements. Many leases will allow improvements, but they must be left intact when leaving. Better be a looooong term lease.

Well…it says, “For lease: speedway and drag strip”. The oval track is still in good shape from what I’ve seen from fairly recent satellite shots (Google Maps, Google Earth); would need grandstands, sound system, concession stands, etc., I would think.

Ken Sands is available…

Durn Dave, you know how to break upm a party!

We would go back asphalt racing in a heart beat if that place opened back up.

i’d even donate to the cause! please!!! somone reopen sunshine!!!:slight_smile:

With the “road” not running on the property, I see the land being available for a very long time, ESPECIALLY with the state having empty coffers. I live about 5 mins from the track and the next time I ride by I will sneak in and take some pictures and post them. They were testing toll booths on the track and the track is actually in good condition. Everything else is gone and needs to be replaced. I mean EVERYTHING. With today’s codes and requirements it would be a permitting/engineering nightmare and Pinellas County would nickle and dime the death out of the new leasee. It is possible and if somebody stepped up to the plate and made it happen it would be the “premier” short track in the state. All new infistructure and a track right in the middle of 500k people in an area loaded with racers who have to travel to Auburndale, Citrus or Desoto to get their racing fix can now race just a few miles down the road. Its a no brainer. We would be there in a heartbeat. It could be that the drag strip and speedway are listed as a “package deal” with the drag strip as being operational and the speedway is just apart of the deal. I wouldn’t get your hopes up, but I am keeping my fingers crossed!

I towed to Sunshine from Orlando (110 miles 1 way) in the mid 90’s and I’d do it again.

Mckinley, Miniracer

Ill say you both were right, Sunshine Speedway is still on the Google Map, what I see is row of toll booths at the start/finish line, and baracade around the infield, and also, its needed everything to get the track up and running again. There`s no stand, tower, refreshment stand, and sound systems. When sunshine Speedway closed up, in 2004. Everything went CCMP after Hurricane Charley, cause, CCMP was named then, PGS is named now, when Hurricane went through the track and took everything, tore up everythings. Anyway, Only thing I see Sunshine Speedway needed is, pave the ramp that entrance to the track to turn 2. All grass there now.

Myself and my race team

would put our blood ,sweat and tears into the re opening of this track. I personally would contact every buisness in pinellas county to help sponsor anything and everything needed. Hey Tony C. What ya think ? Ten minutes from the house.

Would love to see this track resurrected as it was my all-time favorite place to announce at… those were some fun years, right dd38?
But can you imagine the cost of bringing the land and the facility up to current Federal, State, County and City codes? It would be astronomical and then you have to re-do the track itself, the pits, new buildings, new grandstands, wiring, septic, plumbing and the list goes on… Will really have to have DEEP pockets…

Frm what I read

The state wants the land to be used as a track so maybe they would be willing to help the right person. I do’t suppose the land could be used for much else.


I heard about this 2 months ago, problem is we heard it before, The only thing they got going this time is there are some city council members that want to see this happen, so as far as permits i dont think that will be a problem. It would take a long term lease, and about 750.000. to purchase bleachers,lights,construct a tower, concessions, etc. The track is still sitting the way they left it, other than the sun pass bs that is set up as we speak. Maybe somebody like a amico or nasse or somebody with some cash and the love of the sport and the right terms could make this happen just saying. I know i’ve got some heavy iron just sitting on the back forty doing nutting so i’m all in, whatever i could do to help i’m in. I think that the powers to be realize what a economic impact or a shot in the arm it could be to the small business of st pete, so in the meantime keep yuz fingers crossed , and play the LOTTO

This is the deal straight from DOT.
New road forcast 2017
Lease would only be good for up to 5 years with a 60 days notice at any time during that 5 years if DOT needs to break the lease. So, even if you sign a lease for 5 years, its possible that your lease would be shorter then that. On the other hand if the road got push back to later then 2017, you al least got a shot for 5 years or longer.
Has anyone seen Stuart Lycette and Bring Back the Track group. Now could be their chance.

The Track

The last time I seen the track it was and correct me if im wrong completely re black topped. I also thought the fence and flagstand was still there. I do know that the bleachers were removed because I helped dismantle some. I do not recall if the announcers booth or the tower on the pit side has been removed or not. The pits are just as they were cause the drag guys still use them. the onramp and off ramp still intact. There has always been rumors about the track re opening but this is the first time anything has been put in the paper to actually take bids. I am far from a politician but the Tri City Kart Club would also benefit from the re opening. some place for our kids to cut their teeth in racing. HMM that could be a political angle…just sayin

Be careful

I worked the Sunshine Reunion with Jack and crew so I know first hand what Sunshine Speedway meant to you people. HOWEVER… what they seem to be offering right now does not seem like a safe or smart investment. Looks like the city is looking for some desperate revenue to grab while waiting for something better to come along. Please do ALOT of homework before investing. Do we get to lose it twice. ;-( Just an opinion…

the track was repaved about 2 years ago and the pits are still in good shape