Official Finish of the Charity Pro-Truck 100

Charity Pro-Truck 100

  1. 41 Steve Darvalics
  2. 17 Colby Clements
  3. 17H Mark Hooven
  4. 14 Sam Scott
  5. 12 Dustin Chisholm
  6. 16 Jessica Green
  7. 55 Scott Reeves
  8. 7 Dylan Martin
  9. 2 Jim Cowhey Jr.
  10. 24B Caesar Bacarella
  11. 6T Joe Fitos
  12. 4 Dennis Colletti
  13. 8 Joseph Mursuli
  14. 4B John Sarppraicone
  15. 74 Brad Bowman
  16. 2X Gerald Campbell
  17. 31 Donny Burkhalter
  18. 20 Jason Rosarius
  19. 16S Tim Sozio
  20. 24 Michael Pilla
  21. 38 Ricky Moxley
  22. 6 Dave Davis
  23. 37 Nick Hernandez DQ Illegal Transmisson Parts
  24. 63 Doc McKinney DQ Left Side Weight

trans part

Here is the picture of the stock part from the J&W trans that got us DQ if you saw the race you would know this part did not win the race.The rule book reads a stock turbo 350 trans this a stock part which has been drilled . the rule book doesnt say you can not drill a stock part also a STOCK trans doesnt have a manual valve body but you are allowed to changed that ?
Nelson Hernandez

In a rule book if it does not say you cant do it does not mean you can.

A stock part mean stock unless the rule say you can make changes to it.

. I guess the main question hear is why would you take a stock part and drill hole in it unless it will help you win races other wise you would have left it stock???

GAry Laplant

Due you really think drilling out 10 oz. of metal is going to make a difference and thats how we got the trans ,it was unknow to us that it was done
Nelson Hernandez

Well if someone takes a stock part and alters it for some reason it would have to be for a very good reason or you would leave it stock this is common since. Is that the only part you were DQ on in your trans???

Bur to answer your question yes the drill hole does make a differents on that part.

Gary Laplant

Finaly a jw trans got dq. We didnt build a new truck after ours got wrecked cause of the cheating in trucks. The reason for keeping stock parts was to keep the price down. The trucks have got way out of hand. Its cheaper to run a uara late model then the trucks. Every one wounders why the truck count has went down? Wells its because of all the cheating.

[QUOTE=nelson;92280]Due you really think drilling out 10 oz. of metal is going to make a difference and thats how we got the trans ,it was unknow to us that it was done
Nelson Hernandez[/QUOTE]

Rotating weight is rotating weight! Yes it does make a difference or they( Jw trans) would not do it.

You are correct Deuces on the ‘rotating weight’. And if this part has been ‘altered’ then you know others have.
Stock means stock… the rules state that even if is not mentioned, don’t do it.

Sean Bass

lol You all are talking like ya’ll have never cheated before! I can guarantee you that those lil holes that ya’ll call rotating weight (.25 ounces) didn’t win that race! If ya’ll think that then we have a bunch of geniuses on our hands cause if you would’ve actually watched the race then you would’ve seen that truck get pulled on every restart so yea once again so much for “rotating weight”. Don’t get me wrong rules are rules and we all have to abide by them but you can’t take away from Nick that he drove a perfect race and had a good truck!

What’s a shame is that the fans watched a race, thinking someone had won, only to find out that the fool who crossed the finish line drove a cheater truck.

What’s a shame is that the racer who finished second, legally, didn’t get to enjoy the spoils in Victory Lane after the race.

AMFChassis - Rather than crying the blues for the cheaters, you should act like a professional outfit, and congratulate the guy who won the race, legally.

before you throw stones in a house of glass you should know all the facts and some trucks just get a warning for something wrong while other trucks get DQ
Nelson Hernandez

Seems kind of odd that you “had no idea it was in there”, yet defending that it did nothing to help the performance.

You’re pissed at the wrong people. The track didn’t screw you, your transmission guy did. Claiming ignorance is not an acceptable excuse.

I will make this one statement on this matter !

I want to first say that the Hernandez crew handled themselves professionally in and after the tech. They did everthing we asked. The part your seeing is the only part that Carl pulled because he saw that first, and then looked in and saw drums were also drilled and lightened, but did not make them finish pulling it all out. The other transmission checked on the 41 came totally apart. There was not need to continue that. While I will say I do not feel that that part did not win the race, it still is not right and in combination with other light weight drilling in the other interior parts can make a decent difference. Carl did a very full tech, cc’d heads, checked cams and the transmissions. I stand by his decision, it is never my or his pleasure to DQ anyone, but I have promised to try ot make this event fair for all and we have teched. I also will try to do it for the 2012 series, and try to get costs back in line. Spending $2,000 on a transmission or more not sure of the costs, and having it not be right is a cost that needs to be cut back. I have nothing against JW Transmissions, but they do need to meet the rules we have to run by. I again say that I like Nick and his dad and that has nothing to do with this, I stand by Carls decision and I had the final say.
I would ask everyone to not be rude and bash each other let’s fix the issues and go on to the next race. Thanks


Ok,why Was The Transmission Checked? I Have Never Since A Trans Checked…


I agree with you on the cost has got out of hand on the trucks and what they have in them I hope we can get that back the way they were.

I was very please to see finally someone did check Trans on the trucks. Its not easy being the race director or the Tech on a big race like this. Both you and Carl did a great job on this race I am glad I was part of it.

Gary Laplant


In todays market you can get a Tran that looks like a 350 tubo on the outside but the inside parts are not a stock 350 trans which can give you more horse power. So this is why trans will be checked more now then then in the past.

Gary Laplant

i for one like nick and his dad! the 2 are class acts… but the rules are the rules. whether it helped the truck who really knows… just sucks that the race was tainted by somthing so minor. because nicks a wheelman, but it is what it is.

Super Stocks

Did the super stocks run or do they not count. Don’t see anything on them.


1st off I didn’t hear anyone say that Nick drove a bad race and the only reason he won was because of the illegal parts. Fact is he drove a great race. Unfortunatly the parts in the transmission are not legal to the rule book. Whether or not that was the reason he did as well as he did is a moved point. Right is right wrong is wrong. He is a good wheel man so he should not need those lightened parts to win races. Therefore why are they in the truck? They cost more money to have and they are not as durable. Last I knew JW transmissions dyno each and every transmission that goes out their door. They know that it makes a difference or they would not do it. There was more than .25 ounces of weight taken out of that transmission. Besides if you have ever lightened anything to lessen rotating weight and then placed on a dyno you would see the difference. Rotating weight is huge in lower horsepower applications. Grams of weight make a difference. Please don’t bash the tech guy’s they are only doing their job. They just enforced the rules placed in front of them.

Bobby Holley won the Super Stocks… had about 14 cars I think, pretty good race too… SECKS race was also good, just no idea who won as the speaker is STILL NOT WORKING in turn three… gotta love OSW!!! Sutorous in the #3 won the Strictly Stocks…