Fastruck For Sale...

Arts chassis fastruck for sale. Have 4 complete rearends, 3 transmissions, 24 rims, and alot of other spares. 305 motor. $6000. Call or txt Scott @ 239-349-5082


Can u please send me some pictures of the truck to


lucky 6, If you dont buy his truck I have a open wheel modified for sale

Was waiting on that one Jimmy.


No thanks on the OWM just looking for a truck. Plan on sending any pic’s.


Send pics

Can I get some pic.

Sorry for the delay. I’ll have pics this weekend.

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race truck

scotter,very interested,can u send me pix,asap,trying to get ready for new season,thanks don would you be interested in any trades? 334 701 1849

please send pics to

Pics sent.

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