H`a`p`p`y..b`i`r`t`h`d`a`y...l`i`n`d`a`..``j`e`r`i `c`k`a..!!!!!!!

i HOPE YOUR DAY IS WONDERFUL. !! I am blessed to have you for a friend. I can trust you and I know when I ask you something, your answer will be honest. I can tell you anything and I know it will be held in confidence. I know if I am sick you will be there and if I celebrate you will be there too. Thank you for so many many years of friendship. I love you and I would help you blow out the candles but I am afraid of big fires!:ernaehrung004:
Carol aka OZ

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDA!!!:ernaehrung004:

Hi Andrew…

I hope you and your family have a very Merry CHRISTmas and 2012 brings you all good health and happiness!
Love u
carol aka oz

Luv you to Carol. It was good seeing you at Jacks race although it was just for a minute. I know Dustin and BJ put on a show for ya for about 60 laps. I was thinking about you watching them while I was spotting.:):):slight_smile:

We are having a very Merry CHRISTmas. It is a good day. Dustin came home last night and we have Gram, and Mark with us today. Everybody is healthy. Life is good!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Linda and everybody else here on Karnac. God Bless.

hey andrew…

can i go fishin with you and Jr? :wink: unless u can get a ride on Tonys boat? hahaha
GO TONY!!! did ya yell at him for me in Homestead?
i used to live in WPB… sometimes i wish i never left. thats where i met my late hubby! lots of good lookin rednecks over there. hahaha HUGS for all of the Dunns!

It is a little different in the cup garage than in nationwide and trucks. In the nationwide garage there practice was rained out and sat and talked with all of the drivers we knew like Fain and Blake, Trevor and Jake Crum. We talked to Eric and Lagono but when we when in his garage we couldn’t get with in 20 feet of Tony. I was close enough to holler at him but Dustin wouldn’t let me. LMAO To many people around us knew Dustin. I knew I shouldn’t have brought him with me. I did squeeze in and get a few pictures just for you. You just reminded me that I never downloaded them. I will have to get your email address and send them if them came out ok.


well we sure screwed up Lindas Bday thread… at least i screwed up my own instead of someone elses.

Thank you both