WTB: Chevy 350 and Turbo 350

I am in need of a Chevy 350 and a Turbo 350. Looking to buy a cheap, “get seat time” motor to just learn the track and have some fun. Would love to get both as a package. Let me know what you got. Thanks

I have a chevy 355 listed below in engines I will let go for $1000

Looks like a nice piece. I just don’t have the funds for a 1K motor. :frowning:

got a used turbo 350 out of a 80 camero for 150.00 located in Dealnd 1 386 985 1002 woody

this turbo350 appears to be a rebuilt 1 386 985 1002 woody

good luck getting cheap

Try Craigslist Sarasota type in 350 all sorts of motors come up, some cheap some more expensive. You might just find something.

Actually found a Motor/Tranny Combo down in Cape Coral. Picked it up yesterday.