Driver Helmet Speakers - No More Earbuds

Don’t get caught off guard heading into the new season! The Driver Helmet Speakers are installed directly into your helmet, replacing your ear pieces and adding 125% more volume. No more sticking buds in your ear, having them fall apart, or quit working all together. The Driver Helmet Speakers come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, FREE INSTALLATION, along with the FREE TRANSFER service. Purchased a new helmet? We will switch the Speakers from the old to new with no extra charge.

Getting a new helmet setup this season? Give us a call or shoot us an e-mail and ask about our PRE-SEASON SPECIAL and we’ll be glad to take care of you.

Radio Packages and FREE service on your existing radios available! Speakers available in packages at a discounted rate!


Will work with a receiver?

Sorry for the (terribly) late reply. But yes, it will work with your Raceceiver.

If you also have an existing radio system, it will work with that as well.

You will not need to purchase anything extra in any instance to make it work.


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Sweet. Hope the discounts are still effective. Will check it out, thanks man!