Promotion….or Complete Lack Thereof!

Let me 1st preference my diatribe by saying that I take absolutely no credit for the amount of traffic that this site or message board attracts. Everyone knows that Jack Smith was one of the internet innovators of Florida racing promotion since 1998. So, with that said, I want to discuss driver and track promotion, or the lack thereof. I find it totally amazing that since I have taken over the site, I have received minimal promotional material from the majority of tracks in the state and practically ZERO press releases from drivers or teams. What press I have received are mostly from former friends and coworkers at Lee Faulk Racing and my thoughts were, after seeing their success in the Charlotte area, maybe teams in this area would duplicate their off track promotion, but as of this date?..nothing.
I remember when I worked with Lee Faulk, my responsibilities included press releases, both pre and post race. Those were ?pushed? to as many sites, companies, and contacts as possible to give the team ?top of mind awareness?. New sponsors were introduced and promoted so they would see the value of the investment they contributed to the team, and hopefully other potential sponsors would want to be a part of the action. While I worked at Bronson Motor Speedway, the process was the same. Good race or bad, packed stands or empty, it was my responsibility to put the track in the best light possible. Unfortunately, I now have to search to find whatever press is posted on, rather than having it come to me.
I understand that times have changed. Social networks such as facebook and twitter have added to the ability to instantly reach people across the globe, but those outlets do not replace a professional and formal press release that targets specific individuals or corporate entities. The value of a site such as, which receives well over 10,000 page views a day, is invaluable to the promotion of a team or driver, especially one that is seeking additional resources or sponsorship. While you may have your own website or facebook page, do you think 500,000 people visit your page or website? And that?s just Every team and track, no matter how big or small, should be building a database of sites, contacts and emails to build interest and support. A professional press release adds validity to any program from mini-stock to late model, go kart track to superspeedway.
So if you or your team have had any changes, any upgrades, new driver, new race director, new sponsor, new series, etc, take a look at what the highest echelons of the your sport are doing and duplicate their actions. Whether it?s Formula 1, NASCAR, Grand Am, Karts, Lucas Late Models, WoO Sprints, Motocross, or even Monster Trucks, they still all put out press releases, and they already have an immense following and incredible sponsorship. The fight for money, resources and recognition is tougher than ever, and the cost of a press release is literally ZERO! So if you are looking for sponsorship, or to fill your stands, stop crying and do something about it. Be professional and do what the professionals do?..promote yourself!

The majority of racing facilities don’t get it. They don’t promote their racing programs or their drivers. One would think a track would have a person in charge of nothing but promotions. I read alot of racing sites and you see very little anywhere. There are plenty of capable people that would write racing reports for a free pit pass. Like I said, they don’t get it.

Kudos to Rick for cleaning up this messageboard. No track bashing and no personal drama, almost put me out of a job. :slight_smile:

If i remember a number of people tried to advertise schedules and do race reports only to have it deleted…

I would

Like to take a minute to thank John Chance for the work that he done last year. He may not have posted alot here but he did write race reports for every race and even in the citrus county chronicle. I agree that promotion is a key part in not only car count but fan count as well…I hope Robert Yoho does his homework

Promotion is the big key to have fan and car count I learned that real quick at CCMP when I was there.

I use to go out to promote and hear from many people never knew there was a race track in Punta Gorda. I would ask how many years have you been in the area and i would hear 5 to 15 years.

I hope Robert has done is homework also on the old Sunshine Speedway.