Camping at New Smyrna Speedway for World Series

If you are looking for a place to stay while you are enjoying the racing in Florida for Speedweek…come on over to New Smyrna Speedway. They have asked me to come and run the camp ground for the World Series of Asphalt!!!

This is primitive camping, but we will have a pump truck come by several times a week and hope to have a lot of fun with everyone! We welcome tents, campers and mega motorhomes…heck we even welcome U-Hauls if that is what you want to camp in :slight_smile:

Just $35 per night and you will be close to all of the racing action!!!

Hope to see you there!!! Call New Smyrna Speedway for more details 386-427-4129

Thanks for the info Rick…um…I mean Rusty :sprachlos020:…LOL

Can I bring my goats?

Note to self…may have to get security on Ocalasp LOL :slight_smile:

Bring them goats on Uncle Dave :slight_smile: I am the goat ummmmmmm whisperer yeah yeah whisperer, that’s it! LOL

My goal is to make the campground as or more fun than the races :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=Rusty the 50/50 Guy;96282]Note to self…may have to get security on Ocalasp LOL :slight_smile:
My goal is to make the campground as or more fun than the races :)[/QUOTE]

@$35 a night there better be a bar and pole dancers out there…Umm…What races?..LOL

Is this the camping area across the street from the pit entrance??
Or the grandstand parking lot out by the fences?

Man I want to tell you, if anybody is going to make it exciting it will be Rusty. I remember about 8 years ago when we first got our Fastkids truck. Orlando was having a pre-season practice and it was going to be my sons first time behind the wheel of a ful size stock car. It was only a practice but I will never forget how Rusty made us feel. I’m sure if anybody can make camping exciting it will be Rusty.

But he might want to take some tips from Jim. Jim, I am liking you more and more.:ernaehrung004:

I will be camping in the infield. What time does the bar open out there.:ernaehrung004:

[QUOTE=mr south 59;96300]
But he might want to take some tips from Jim. Jim, I am liking you more and more.:ernaehrung004:[/QUOTE]

Thanks Mr South…but don’t spread that around…There may be a(very)few that disagree with ya’…I’ll be making the MOD Reunion on the 24th with my ‘toy’…

Thanks MrSouth :slight_smile:

The camping will be across the street due to Volusia County regulations. They are very much sticklers when it comes to this kind of stuff. And it has to be in certain parcels of property. NSS was trying to get it in the pasture in the parking lot and the variance did not make it back in time. Camping can only be done on certain zoning codes according to the zoning laws of the County. All camping MUST be done across the street for now.

Funny thing I went to the Parrish up here yesterday to check on a new business venture that I am considering up here. I asked them about zoning to see if the property that I was looking at was zoned properly (me being from Florida, KING of zoning laws LOL) and they almost laughed at me and said “we really don’t have zoning laws here” Now THAT was refreshing :slight_smile:

Rusty, what is included for $35.00. That’s mighty high if it doesn’t include something besides water. Your smiling face doesn’t count. billy

Hey Billy…It is primitive camping meaning that there are NO hook ups.

This is my first year doing this…not sure what it was before but going to try and make the best of it :slight_smile:

Smiling face …no extra charge :slight_smile:

Funny how people have been camping on that property for 100 years now during Speedweeks, but NOW the County is a “stickler” about proper zoning.

What about the rest of the year? I’ve camped there dozens of times, and never once had to move across the street.

I suspect the “zoning”'issue only came into play since NSS plans on charging $35 to park in a muddy field, and give nothing but water…

Hey Jerry… I think that pump truck only stops at the port-a-lets… I don’t think it delivers… I think it is a sucker truck if you know what I mean…
I might be wrong, but I think its $35.00 per night and you bring you own “Everything”. Another thing… don’t park close to JIMMY… he’s got three flat screen TV’s and the word is “He plays all three at full blast all damn night”… What a sport’s model that guy is!..

Frass…yes you have camped all over the place from time to time! What you do not see is the warnings, citations, fines etc etc that come from the county! You own a business, you know how the local Gov. can be. They ARE cracking down in Volusia County! ESPECIALLY during big events ie Speedweek, Bikeweek, Springbreak etc.

Just for example, have you noticed the concrete on the driveway at NSS? Not there because it looks nice, HAD to install it according to DOT. They were concerned about the dirt and dust going on to the highway. Sometimes you do not make the rules, but you do have to play by them :slight_smile:

Way to many rules now days,part of why no one has any $ now,cus they got to pay out the nose. In 1970’s to 90’s I camped free in a tent for the hole week+ with racecar and trailer beside it for many a speedweeks all most under NSS sign at the corner under the pines,same spot every year nearly,was great fun back then,we worked on racer right there too ,drove it into NSS for races. There were a lot of others doing the thing around me. If it had not been for the free camping,there would of been no way to aford to race the week. Ever wounder why the car count sucks now days every were!’ At lest $35 gives some a shot at having some were to stay,

Only when I have movies about racin’ in the DVD…Unlike you and all those porn movies…:aetsch013:
Last camping out there I heard a woman laughing from you mobil getto…and you were alone in that thing!!! :sprachlos020:
Hope you have new shocks on that RV of yours too…:smilie_bett:

Rusty, I know it’s primitive camping. That’s the problem. I don’t mind no hook-ups. It’s the price. I’ll just leave the Motor Home at home, and drive up for a race or two. Not as much fun as staying at the track, but much cheaper. I know it’ not your fault. NSS has been high on camping for years. They need to take a lesson from Ocala. billy

$35.00 a night?!?!?! To park my motor home across the street so I can take off all week from work to spend money and support the track. I could see maybe a 50.00 fee for a week pass , Maybe?!?! if that, i dont know when this started but say Im there 10 nights because i get there the day before the events start , thats 350.00 added to my weeks bill. I know Daytona International Speedway charges for parking but this is New Symerna Speedway, I dont know if this is the first year they have done this or not but my thoughts are that this is insane especially with the state that short track racing is in at the moment and the lower and lower car counts NSS has had throughout the years during speedweeks.

I read several forums all over the Northeast, especially when it gets closer to Speedweeks to find out everyones plans. There are a ton of people that come down here with barely enough budget for some race tickets, somemsandwich meat & bread, and sleeping in a tent, pop-up or a pull behind camper. They can’t afford hotels, and asking this kind of price is gonna be a deal-breaker for some. They don’t expect luxury, they just want to stay at the same place they plan on spending every dime they scraped together to get here. If they can’t afford the camping fee, they ain’t coming at all. FACT…!

Sorry Rusty, NSS, Robert, etc… my opinion is, bad move…

$35 a night to stay in a parking lot is a ridiculous. This will cause a loss of revenue in the big picture and a black eye for the track. I hope somebody rethinks this plan.

FREE camping is the only answer.

$15 would be fair. Isn’t there a “camping area” west of the track, or am I thinking of Volushia?