Sportsman Challenge Sends Out The First Press Release!

That’s right, The Florida Sportsman Challenge Series has released the first volume of it’s press release today! All information about the series and where it’s going is included. If you would like to receive these releases, please email me @ advising you would like them. You can also post your email here or PM me.

Thanks to everyone helping to get this Series off the ground!

Trevor Veasey
Veasey Racing, LLC
#12 Sportsman

When will the email be sent out?

Just a few moments. Getting the emails together.

Do they have a web site yet?

Web site…

All well and good but it is disappointing that half the available tracks don’t want to take part which is a shame… Now, there is one thing that you guys should do… Eliminate time trials!!! Fans have been going on this board and others for years stating time trials are boring and actually pretty useless if you are going to re-draw for spots anyway… Do like the TBARA and run heat races! Set the field from those… A neat way to set the line-up would be to have a fan pull a number from 0-5 and that many rows would be inverted from the heat races… If your goal is to put on a show, then put on a SHOW! Time trials usually take place before most of the fans show up at the track… Running heats or “qualifiers” gives the fans the racing they want and the series better exposure… What if Jim’s Auto Body Shop decides to put up money and sponsor the time trials for quick time of, say, $100… Jim shows up and there’s hardly anybody in the stands at 6PM when time trials start… Don’t expect him to cough up any more money… But if Jim sponsors a heat race, he gets much more bang for his buck… That’s just my two cents worth…

Sorry Dave, but due to today’s economy your two cents have decreased in value!!! LOL!

Dave’s 2 cents may only be worth a penny now, but his message is worth a million.

Time trials SUCK. They are show killers. They shouldn’t be used anywhere in Florida short track racing, with the exception of the Snowball Derby and the Gov Cup.

You’re trying to start something from the ground up… why go with the same formula that already bores race fans? Be different, get KNOWN as being different, and you might get a damn fine series together.

P.S. - The old Southern Sportsman Series did dare to do things differently than the norm. Some of those things made it exciting enough for me to do some traveling to follow them. Now, there are several classes that I did follow at times, but “Sportsman” wouldn’t normally be it. But I did, had a blast, and saw some great racing.

They dared to be different, and I was a follower because of it.

You NEED people with the passion to follow this series, both racers and fans.

Florida Spotsman Challenge Seris

Thanks for the positive post, really appreciate it. Bill Chapman Series Director

Bill… I hope this does work and grow. I’m only putting in a fans perspective, and I hope I’m coming across as the ‘constructive criticism’ as I intended. I would love to watch 30 or 40 un-cookie-cutter cars battle it out on tracks all over the state.

I would also put aside at least $50 or so for the heat race winners. It you’re gonna do inversions anyway, there has to be some kind of incentive to race hard in the heats. JMO.

If I know Bill like I think I do, he listens to every idea and actually thinks about that idea. We have had several discussions over every aspect of the series and down to how we would like to run the races at every meeting. The one thing we are missing the most is a helping hand. With the economy the way it is, one person cannot run, mantain, and produce a series without help. And I am not talking about money, just an “idea” that would catch everyone’s attention.

There is some great ideas out there, people just need to speek out. I see alot of good ideas here, but none that I would really call “oustanding.”

I do like the idea of getting the fans involved. That helps everyone out. Why not get the drivers out of their cars and line them up along the front stretch or even in front of the stands and have a fan pull a number for the inversion of the field. It doesn’t take much to implement this.

“Just my 2 cents.”


I agree with Ancrdave, qualifying and then re-draws sure doesn’t help the show. All my years of racing from driver to owner to fan, has been with the fast guys starting towards the back. First show run heat races and invert the finishes, full invert. After first show , I always liked the point system for heat and feature line ups, have a fast heat and slow heat, again started off of points, then feature time take the top 10 or 12 in points invert the rest of the field start by points straight up behind the inverted top 10 or 12. Now you are putting a show on for the fans. Watching a guy drive to the front is what racing is about, fans will love it and will follow the series. Hope the series does good and grows, Fla. needs some real racing. P.S. I watched Shelnut one night at PGS qualify 4/10 second faster than second fastest and redrawed # 1 pill, you talk about a boring race, I was ready to leave when I seen the line-up…