[SIZE=“1”]Had open practice this past weekend and must say Indiana’s Drew Dorsett’s 14.688 track record that was set at last years national is in jeopardy. The new wider turn 4 allows you to carry more speed in and thru the corner and faster down the straightaway. No less then 20 drivers raved about the new configuration and are very excited about racing there in 2 weeks…If you have not made plans for the NINE NIGHT NATIONALS…do so…you don’t want to miss histroy in the making…Night Straight nights of racing against the best racers in the US…Austrialia…Canada…England…yes we have entries from each…THIS IS GONNA BE BIG!!![/SIZE]

Speedway Ocala

is M.C.S. one and same as Bubba’s

No, they are not the same. MCS is 1 1/2 miles south of Bubba’s. It is an excellent 1/4 mile, clay oval, and is well worth a visit. I’m glad I went.