Interesting statistic

As I was perusing the racing websites today with the ultimate goal of getting my reserved seats at VSP, I came across a statistic that stood out to me.

Of the 26 entered SLMs at NSS - only 7 are from FL - nearly 73% from elswhere. Thought that was a pretty interesting statistic. Not sure if it means we should be getting more from FL or we are getting a heck of a lot more interest from the outside - or both. There are almost as many entries from Canada (5) as from FL!

Edit - Just went back to the Pro Lates and there are 11 from Canada and 6 from FL of the 29 entered.

Anyhow getting very anxious for the first nights of speedweeks for me - its that time of year again and I cant wait!

That can probley be a result of having Rick Brooks as head tech man. As at the “Snowball Derby”, everyone knows they will get a fair deal in tech. JMO!

I know of at least two more SLM supposed to be coming, and they are also from out of state. And a pair of Trucks that are not pre-entered.

Some pretty cool entries this year so far, and I think we will see somemlast minute surprises too. Looking forward to seeing Kyle Larson run on asphalt. This kid IS going places in this sport, and I wanna see him run before the rest of the nation figures out he’s the real deal. I don’t doubt a win or two may get pulled off.

Is there a benefit to entering early? I would think that most of the Florida entries just wait until they show up to enter which might explain some of the numbers.