Thunder Stock 79 Cutlas

I have a 79 cutlas Thunder Stock car it is my 2nd car the roof is cut it has a 4point cage,if you need bars in front and back they are going to need to be added.It has good seat/cover,some gauges, detachable steering includes steering wheel,good set of belts,wndw net,it has 4 brand new springs I can get weights tags still on springs also has 4 brand new pro comp shocks.I have a 3 speed 168 trans,flywheel new press plate, mtr mounts,bell hsing(alum) The car needs rear gear,fuel cell some bars added.It comes with rad but its not aluminum.I would be interested and possible adult dirt go kart,or would like to get 1500 OBO I have 2 355 sbc 1 lng blk 1 shrt blk could sell for additional I dont need 2 cars call Chris 386 299 7886 car 10 mins from Volusia Speedway will add new pics tmmrw

79 cutlas.jpg

Make offer let me know how much you need of this project got lots of parts

more pics

pics just taken have everything to put car together to be race ready just needs some bars added and put together

Do you still have this car ?

yes I still have it and another car race ready never been to track

How much are you wanting for the other one?

Do you have pics of the other car too ?

that is a early to late 80’s — 1978 -81 hhad a differnt look to them not the it matter

that is a early to late 80’s — 1978 -81 hhad a differnt look to them not the it matter

Yeah maybe Sept 1979 making it 80 model year metric car all the same

Here is new car I had built last year never been to track

Easier to view this one

Thunder Stock.jpg

How much??

If interested in any of two Metric cars I have call number in first post I would be happy to answer any questions.Not going to go into depth about cars on this board but would be happy to discuss on phone

if i ever wanted to sell something i give prices can about them but thats me

I dont care if I sell it it is just a parts car for running one but have since gotten few more metric street cars so if someone needed head start on building racecar here it is by the way you buy and sell and trade a lot I bought short block from you last year

i got 2 nice adult racing karts looking to trade for a race car and got tons of stuff to go with them