Outlaw Four-boyd Car

Turn Key race ready, Engine built by Roy Campbell in Sarasota, Fl. (one season on motor) 2300 with 6" rods, wiesco flat tops, forged steel rods, lightweight flywheel, 9" floater w/650 gear, coilovers on all four corners, adjustable pedals, four wheel disc brakes, steel braided brake lines. Sweet rack w/ps, best of everything, $5000 This is a nice car not junk!!! could stand a new body!!! BOYD CHASSIS BUILT IN TAMPA, FL

For Sale

Still For Sale???

Where is the car located now? I am interested. what is the best price you’ll take?

Not For Sale!

Not for sale at this time, only selling Brain Dorer built car.

For sale? I’m interested

not at this time

I’ve deceided to keep it for now. I have another outlaw four for sale.
thanks for looking

Back For Sale!!!

Last car I have. I’ve decided to sell this one too. Body is a little more banged up than picture, but still usable.

how much for roller?and any trades?and please send pic of car to weazal29@gmail.com thanks


Would consider trading for a nice street or hobby stock?