Sprint Car Ace Bruce "ROCKET MAN" Durden

[SIZE=“3”]Sprint Car Ace Bruce “ROCKET MAN” Durden has been tagged to pilot the Southern Outlaw Motorsports/Marion County Speedway/Xpress Graphixx/Kari Ann SPECIAL #92 SSLS Lightning Sprint in action this Friday night at The BullRing of Marion County Speedway Ocala Fl.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=“2”]Well for all the ROCKET MAN fans out there, Bruce was told by Harold Mathews of Atlantic Powder Coating that he (Bruce) was not allowed to race my car at the Bullring…have been told by other racers that if ANY Florida Mini Sprint Association racer comes to race with my series, ANY help from APC or Mr. Mathews would stop…Spoke to Bruce and he confirmed that Harold Mathews of Atlantic Powder Coating in Jacksonville Florida FORBID him to race my car…Now you can not make this shit up…Bruce has a full sprint car and is not even a member of the FMSA…I did however speak to Eddie Moss Jr. to see if Harold Mathews was part owner of the FMSA and he is not, infact Mr. Mathews is not even a member himself anymore …so for those of you that are told you can not race where you want or for someone else…DO YOU REALLY WANT TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH SOMEONE LIKE THAT…SORRY FOR ALL THE “ROCKET MAN” FANS[/SIZE]