Top Gun Sprints Race Report 4-7-12

Top Gun Sprints
Bubba Raceway Park, April 7, 2012

DMI Heat #1

  1. 43 Terry Witherspoon (Jacksonville, FL)
  2. 11 Brett O?Donnell (Deland, FL)
  3. 6S Robbie Smith (Tampa, FL)
  4. 3A A J Maddox (Brandon, FL)
  5. 1 Tim George (Venice, FL)
  6. 98 Shawn Murray (Jacksonville, FL)
  7. G6 Brandon Grubaugh (Ocala, FL)
  8. 5 Tim Grubaugh (Anthony, FL)

Elliott?s Trailers & Carts Heat #2

  1. 83 Mark Ruel Jr. (Jacksonville, FL)
  2. 92 Matt Kurtz (Jacksonville, FL)
  3. 38 Tony Agin (Ft.Myers, FL)
  4. 24 Stephen Darvalics (Venice, FL)
  5. 55 Kerry Gilbert (Dover, FL)
  6. 88 Andrew Griffin (Seminole, FL)
  7. 02 Gene Lasker (Tampa, FL) DNF

Lucas Oil Heat #3

  1. 82 Danny Martin Jr. (Sarasota, FL)
  2. 14 Ryan Partin (Orlando, FL)
  3. 0 Jimmy Ballew (Riverview, FL)
  4. 0L Brandon Lineberger (Ocala, FL)
  5. 8 Rich Alexander (Tampa, FL)
  6. 3K Kurt Taylor (Brandon, FL)
  7. 99 Tanner Witherspoon (Jacksonville, FL)
  8. 92T Tim Ysbrand (Hinesville, GA)

Saldana Feature

1)82 Danny Martin Jr.; 2) 24 Stephen Darvalics; 3) 83 Mark Ruel Jr.; 4) 6S Robbie Smith; 5) 88 Andrew Griffin; 6) 3A A J Maddox; 7) 55 Kerry Gilbert; 8) 1 Tim George; 9) G6 Brandon Grubaugh; 10) 14 Ryan Partin; 11) 38 Tony Agin; 12) 8 Rich Alexander; 13) 3K Kurt Taylor; 14) 0L Brandon Lineberger; 15) 99 Tanner Witherspoon; 16) 92T Tim Ysbrand; 17) 0 Jimmy Ballew; 18) 98 Shawn Murray; 19) 92 Matt Kurtz; 20) 11 Brett O?Donnell; 21) 5 Tim Grubaugh; 22) 43 Terry Witherspoon; 23) 02 Gene Lasker DNS


The Top Gun Sprints made their second visit of 2012 to Bubba Raceway Park on Saturday April 7, 2012. There were 23 cars at the track to give fans three heat races and a 25 lap feature race.

Tim George in the 1 car had the pole with Terry Witherspoon in the 43 on the outside for the start of the DMI heat race. Terry Witherspoon took the lead on the start and took the win. The 83 of Mark Ruel Jr. had the pole for the ELLIOTT?S TRAILERS & CARTS heat race, with Tony Agin in the 38 car on the outside. It was the 83 that made the better start and took the second heat win. Brandon Lineberger in the 0L car had the pole with Ryan Partin in the 14 for the start of the LUCAS OIL heat race. Ryan took the lead and on lap 6 Danny Martin Jr. made the pass and took the heat win.

The 83 of Mark Ruel Jr. had the pole for the start of the SALANDA feature race event, with the 92 of Matt Kurtz alongside. After a parade lap, the race went to green and it was Matt Kurtz in the 92 car that took the lead. After a yellow flag, a complete restart it was Mark Ruel Jr. got the lead, on lap 5 the 11 car of Brett O?Donnell got together with another car and flipped in turn 1 bringing out the red flag. On the restart the 92 of Matt Kurtz would not refire and ended his night, and the 14 of Ryan Partin had a flat rear tire, he came to infield they changed it and restarted. On lap 12 the 0 car of Jimmy Ballew lost the right front tire and brought out the caution. On the restart Mark Ruel Jr. was leading then in a few laps Danny Martin Jr. passed him and held the lead and never looked backed and took the checkered flag, followed by Stephen Darvalics in the 24 car, Mark Ruel Jr. in the 83 car, Robbie Smith in the 6S car and Andrew Griffn in the 88 car rounding out the top 5.

The staff and racers of the Top Gun Sprints would like to thank everyone for their support and hope to see you at Bubba Raceway Park May 5, 2012. Congratulation goes out to Andrew Griffin for winning the KSE Hardcharger Award. Also congratulation goes to lucky fan JASON BROWN from Ocala a K & N Gift Certificate for an air filter.