Live Racing Tonight

Tonight on the SPEED Channel starting at 7 PM, live racing. K&N Series and following, The Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown, for his Charity.

The Late Model Stock Cars that run the Hamlin race are pretty competitive. Seen them a few times at different places, and they always put on a good show. They run the Taco Bell 300 at Martinsville every fall, and have been known to pull in over 100 cars at times.

Could be a cool race.

Great finish to the K&N race…That Elliott kid…

Great race!!!

Man that made me miss Late Model short track racing (36 races)!!! Stephen Nassi finished a GREAT 20th even though something early happened and was all the way to the back. I think 32st. Great drive!!! The kid is good!!! Back in the day I brought Cory LaJoie in to race a couple FAST Kids races. At Ocala he was awsome!!! Thought he was going to win the race and do it last night. Still he had a GREAT race on TV. The second race was cool to see the local STARs run with the “BIG BOYs”. The #54 put on a heck of a race!!! All in all it made me think if Lakeland USA would of survived!!! Late Models on a 3/4 mile was to cool. Now can’t wait for TONIGHTS NASCAR under the lights!!!

Got that right, that was one hell of a finished in the K&N race!!! :huepfen024:

Just got done watching the morning replays on Speed… That K&N race was awesome, so much better than what Cup & Nationwide have been doing lately but maybe Richmond will be better tonight & Saturday… Give ol’ Tony Stewart a halfway decent car and he can’t be beat… The LMS race (Hamlin) wasn’t quite as good as the K&N but still not bad… Fun stuff to watch while “supposedly” working LOL