Where WERE these tracks located at?

I am logging as many old race tracks in Florida as possible into Google Earth and need to know where these tracks were located. I know some are probably known under another name. Right now I have almost 80 tracks logged from information found all over the internet. From what I have found we are looking at Florida possibly breaking the century barrier with over 100 tracks operating in Florida over the last 100 years…

Also I need to know about the two “other” tracks in Lakeland besides the Interstate Speedway. There was supposedly one across the street from the Silver Moon drive-in that is under the mobile home park and another right up the street on Wabash, which now resides under the Dollar General. I have aerial pictures of the one under the DG. One of them is Silver Dollar Speedway, what was the other…

STOCK ISLAND SPEEDWAY (Located in the Keys)

Track location info

Below is some info on some tracks you asked about:
1 - Thundercross - Was west of I95 about 5 miles off of hwy 70w then north on
side road I do not recall name of for about 1 mile. It was
often called Okeechobee since close to that town.
2 - County Line - Still located about 3 miles north of Clewiston on E side of
hwy 27 and now running under name of Hendry County
3 - Old Florida Speedway - South of Miami and north of Homestead on US 1
at what was known as Florida City.
4 - Deland Speedway - South of Deland. West off hwy 17/92 about 2 miles on
McGregor Rd. Track was on north side of road at
intersection with Spring Garden Ave. All subdivision
covers it now since early 1990’s.
Hope these fill some info holes for you. Dave Westerman that works at Daytona Speedway Archives Dept. and announces at some local tracks at times should be able to further enlighten you on other track details. He went to a lot of the old tracks and some he announced at. He also has a lot of historic pics of such in his vast collections which many are on line for public view. Contact him thru the Daytona Speedway.

Deland Speedway

I believe Deland Speedway was also called McGregor ranch, I raced motorcycles there in the late 60’s & my brother inlaw raced a car there.

AB195 started a thread titled " Happy Birthday—Long Lost Speedways". check it out.

Sara-Mana Speedway was located in south Bradenton off of US 41 (Tamiami Trail) there is now a trailer park where it was and looking at the surrounding area it’s hard to believe it even exisited there.

Thundercross was just West of the Intersection of 48th St NE and NE 80th Ave in Okeechobee, FL

Vero Beach Speedway was at the intersection of 53rd St and Old Dixie Highway

Orange County Raceway was adjacent to Orlando Speedworld. The track surfaces were no more than 100 yards apart. Orange Co. was to the north of Speedworld on the property where the parking for the motocross track is.

OCR ran until 2004 when new people took over the motocross and plowed it under.

County Line Speedway located nine mile N W of Clewiston and four miles S of Moore Haven. D B A Hendry Motorsports Park. HyWy27 aka S R 25.

Clewiston did have another track originally though. If you were coming from Clewiston it was on the right BEFORE the big bend in 27 where 80 forks off.

Deland track was an old dirt track on the corner of old spring garden and mcgregor on the old dirt roads I use to ride my bike on. My dad raced there and that is where I got my car number from. I grew up 3 miles away just off old Spr garden and now after 30+ years I just bought a house a half mile away. I remember the small pond in the east end (turn 1 & 2) were many nights cars found there way in. As stated above it is covered with houses but can still see where it was because it was “down in a hole”, and the hole is still there.:ernaehrung004: